Today, I took down my Topsy-Turvy tomato planter, which, if I’m honest, probably needed to come down about a week ago. There were no more tomatoes, just a sad and withered little representation of what once was a thriving plant. Ah, summer. You went and took my turvy with you. On the plus side, I know the deer will appreciate finally getting to eat the leaves, even if it is past its prime.

I have the weirdest relationship with the deer in my neighborhood. (Also weird: that I just wrote that sentence. Bizarre, actually.) But it’s true. Here in the country, the deer are part of our daily lives. They used to have full run of our garden, waiting until the plants were just budding before devouring them entirely. Then we built the deer fence, and they stood around outside of it, looking alternately angry and pitiful. So I started throwing our watermelon rinds and sour berries and stuff like that out in the woods, which they liked. So much, though, that they’ve become entirely too comfortable just, you know, hanging around our house. Today, a buck (and you rarely see them, mostly just mamas and babies) was standing by my bird feeders, about five feet from the deck, just munching on sunflower seeds. And on Friday, my babysitter Krysta and I were stunned to look out and see a whole family of deer just LOUNGING on my husband’s bike jumps. In the middle of the day! They were seriously just laying there, like dogs. Don’t believe me? I knew you wouldn’t. Which is why I took this:

I mean, LOOK at that! They look like I did at fifteen, lounging around while my mother sighed loudly and wondered aloud what I could be doing to be productive in the world. About five minutes after I took this picture, I let my dogs outside. They ran right at the fence, barking like crazy. And the deer just looked at them, bored, before finally dragging themselves to their feet and walking into the woods. Where, if they are really like me at fifteen, they smoked cigarettes, complained about how unfair the world is, and looked for cute boys.

Also, I would like to point out that while I was writing this, a hummingbird keeps buzzing the window because I am wearing a red shirt and he thinks I’m food. Welcome to nature! Don’t even get me started about the feral cat that’s stalking my recycling bins at 5am,. I won’t bore you.

In other news, tonight is Emmy night, and I am SO excited. Granted, I wish Neil Patrick Harris was hosting again, but I do like Jimmy Fallon as well, and anyone’s better than the reality hosts they picked a few years back. Ouch, was that monologue—or lack of it—painful to watch. Of course I’m so excited that Glee is nominated for so many awards, and have my fingers crossed that they win a bunch. But my heart, and all my hopes, are with Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton of Friday Night Lights, who have FINALLY gotten some Emmy love after four seasons. Hooray! Will they win? They are long shots, for sure. But at least they’re finally invited to the party.

Thanks to Twitter, I can feel like I am sort-of at the Emmys, as I follow a few celebs who are attending. That’s a great thing, vicariously going to the Emmys while you wear your pajamas in North Carolina. Twitter is fun, but I had a crazy moment today when I looked over at my Twitter stats and saw I was, like, 60 people away from having 50,000 followers. That’s 50,000 reading about my GMA obsession, and my daughter’s toilet training (or lack thereof) and my love for Ben Lee. Whoa. Can’t think about it too much, or I’ll get all self conscious and embarrass myself.

Um, actually…too late. Oh, well.

Have a good night, everyone!

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