Yes, I’ve got a cold. All summer with nary a stuffed nose, and the minute the weather changes—humidity reduced, cool nights—I wake up with a sore throat. Did it help that we attended two kid-full events this weekend, which are basically like wading into a petri dish? Nope. First the toddler came down with this, although she also had a high fever, which always freaks me out. Twenty four hours later, she’s fine, and I’m hacking away. Honestly. Being sick is just always so inconvenient. But considering that three years ago right now I was HUGELY pregnant and my mom was in the hospital, I think I’ll shut up. If not delete this paragraph entirely.

Three years. THREE! How did my tiny little baby get to be three years old? Fair warning: as this week goes on, I may become a huge, mushy mess. It happens every year around my daughter’s birthday. The time just goes SOOOO fast. I remember when she couldn’t even hold up her own head, and now she’s telling me to leave her alone and go read a quiet book because she’s “really busy.” (True story.) Oh, it just pains my heart. But it’s a good pain, the best kind. And the sniffling, at least, is for a happy reason and not nasal drainage. Ugh.

So, my Friday Night Lights folks got no love from the Emmys on Sunday. But Jim Parsons won for The Big Bang Theory, which was fantastic, and I do love Edie Falco, so I was still happy. Plus, how great was Jimmy Fallon? Whenever I see him with Tina Fey I just get a happy rush, remembering them on SNL’s Weekend Update together. For those of you who I haven’t managed to wheedle, pressure and nag into watching Friday Night Lights, remember that they are going to start running it from the beginning, Season One, on ABC Family starting September 7th at 6pm EST. And get this! They’re running both the first season of FNL AND the first season of Gilmore Girls back to back! What else could you possibly want? If you are someone who has not watched any of either of these shows, I envy you. Can you even imagine???

All right, I’ll calm down now. *reaches for tissue*

Finally, I am back at work now after having much of the summer off. Which is to say, my copyedited manuscript has returned, and I’m going through it with my pencil, checking the changes and making new ones. Yes, I know a lot of people do this electronically now. But I am old, and old school, so the pencil it is. Normally, copyediting stresses me out, because it’s so specific, all these tiny little things, and I always discover stupid mistakes I made with continuity and other stuff. But this time, probably because of the long break, I’m actually really liking it. I MISSED these characters, and having them back is like catching up with old friends. Granted, I’m only about halfway through right now, which means plenty of time for disasters to crop up. But so far, it’s okay. On the flip side, once this is done, I have to start thinking about starting another book. Uh-oh…..

Have a good night, everyone!

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