The Five!

1. As I write this, Hurricane Earl is bearing down on the NC coast. It’s not supposed to come totally ashore, but brush the Outer Banks enough to cause damage. The Crystal Coast, which is south of there and where I spent a lot of this summer, has also been evacuated. I am nervous and worried, keeping fingers crossed that it stays far, far, away. I have to say, despite the meteorologists saying otherwise, I look at the radar and just think about Hurricane Fran, which also hit in September but came inland and wreaked serious havoc. And even if Earl just brushes us, it’s still a threat to Cape Cod, where my family lives. Yikes! Before, I could joke that Earl is also my father in law’s name, and he has alos been known to be both difficult and unpredictable at times. Now, though, I am just hoping it blows past and everyone can come back to the beach. Soon.

2. Today is my daughter’s birthday, and let me tell you, I am a sniffling mess. And it’s not just my cold. I just keep getting all verklempt when I think about where I was three years ago, in the recovery room, with this tiny little baby in my arms. SNIFF! And now she’s THREE and walking and talking and oh, my God I just can’t take it. Today is also 9-02-10, which has got to be some cosmic way of linking my love for Dylan McKay and Kelly Taylor with my daughter’s destiny. No? You don’t think so?

3. The birthday means a party, and a party means presents, and presents means…more stuff in the house. Oh, we are drowning in plush and plastic, I swear to you. I fear that anyone who give her a stuffed animal will burst into flames when my husband glares at them. But it is a birthday, right? She should get stuff. The trick is moving other stuff OUT while she is distracted with the new things. I have already stealthily (I think) transferred two of her bigger plastic baby toys to the garage, or as I call it, the holding area. Next stop: someone else’s house, as long as she doesn’t pitch a fit. Here’s hoping it works.

4. Because I’ve been sick this week, I haven’t been working out, which means I am way behind on my Housewives: I’ve only seen half the finale, and none of the reunion show for NJ and I can’t even remember what’s going on in D.C. And now there’s news that there is a new installment coming, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With Kelsey Grammer’s soon-to-be ex wife! Oh, dear. I may have to up my workouts just to fit all this in. It’s not like I can watch them with my husband: he draws the LINE there. Can you really blame him? Nope, me either.

5. The craziest thing about all this birthday stuff is that despite the gifts I bought, and the party that is planned, and all the attention, it’s still the little things my girl likes best. I don’t know how long this will last, so I am trying to savor it. Take this morning. Not only do we have TWO bulldozers in the yard (which she has decided are her friends, and talks to constantly) but also a cement truck that came to pour slab for our carport. We went out there in her initial birthday outfit (pajama top, diaper and rain boots) to watch, and she was just BESIDE herself. She is clearly her father’s girl, and loves the chaos of people working and dust and stuff happening. Yes, I bought her a stuffed Max and Ruby (hubs isn’t happy) and a xylophone and other stuff. But watching the cement roll down the chute and the guys raking it? Best.Birthday.Ever. I need to take a lesson, I think. She’s always teaching me things. Has been since the moment she arrived. Thank God for that, and for her. *sniffle*

Have a great (and SAFE!) weekend everyone!

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