Today is Tuesday, but it feels like the biggest Monday EVER. I could sense it at 6:00 am this morning when I first got up: the world was getting back to school today. And by back to school, I mean back to reality. To work, to a schedule, to everything. I know the schools have been back here for awhile already, but traditionally, the school year begins with the passing of Labor Day. Monday night, my husband kept saying he felt so blah and didn’t know why. I did. You never outgrow that back-to-school-combined-with-the-Sundays-even-if-it’s-actually-Monday thing. It’s ingrained, like your DNA.

As is that sense of nervousness and excitement I felt this morning, even though I wasn’t going back anywhere, really. Mine was probably more involved with my kid beginning preschool, which has been a bit emotional for me. (I know what you’re thinking: isn’t everything? And I agree: this blog has been a bit verklempt lately. Sorry about that.) Her first day was actually last week, and while things went pretty well, all things considered, it was decided (cough, cough) that perhaps the separation aspect of the whole process just MIGHT go a bit more smoothly if certain elements were removed from the equation. Such as, you know, me. It was hard to argue this point, as I know I am the weak link when it comes to anxiety and general freakouts. So today, I stood in the doorway and watched her leave for school with my husband, in her little backpack, snack for the class in hand. SOB! SNIFFLE! And of course, dropoff went much more smoothly. I hate when he’s right. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t happen, like, all the time. And if we hadn’t already decided that removing me from the equation works for MANY things in our family life, not just this.

Sigh. I’m the weak link all around, I guess. But I’m also the Mama, so it’s my right. So there.

In other news, I’m about to get even MORE annoying right this second, so I’ll apologize in advance. Okay, people. I have hounded you. I have begged, pleaded, thrown tantrums, done it ALL to make you consider watching Friday Night Lights, my favorite TV show that not enough folks have seen. Today, thanks to ABC Family, you have absolutely no excuse not to at least TRY it. At 6pm EST, they are running the pilot episode. Even better? It’s on after the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls, which begins at 5pm EST. Could you find two better hours of television about families to watch or DVR? No. You could not.

Now, for those who haven’t heard it before, I will repeat my whole FNL argument. (Regular readers, go Tweet or file your nails for a moment or two. Thanks.) You say, I don’t like football. Me neither. It’s not about football. TRUST ME. The first episode is a bit football-centric, and very sad, but hang in there. You will NOT BE SORRY. At the end of the hour, you will be choked up and ready for the next one. You will say, “Minka Kelly is the most beautiful girl on TV.” You will say, “That Tim Riggins is such a mess. I think I want to take him home, clean him up and give him a home cooked meal.” You will say, “I wish I had a husband like the Coach/a wife like Tammi Taylor.” And then you will probably jump onto Netflix to watch the next one or four or twelve Instantly.

Okay, I’ll stop now. Because like the drop-off, it’s entirely likely that I am somehow the weak link in this equation too. How? I have no idea. But experience teaches me that it’s quite possible. Maybe I should have my husband ask you to watch? Oh, God, I can’t even think about it. Because you know what? Everyone would. It’s just not fair!

Have a good night, everyone!

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