The Five!

1. After a week of transitions, I feel like we are finally—sort of–getting settled into a routine. Preschool’s going well (maybe next week, I’ll stop holding my breath) I finished copyediting, the leaves are falling. Everything’s right on schedule for September, which is always a month of new beginnings. I keep finding myself wanting to organize my closets, clean out junk drawers, give things away. I’m thinking about buying a new crockpot, finding a different turkey chili recipe. That kind of thing. Then, though, we have a day like today, where it’s ninety-something degrees out, like summer just can’t QUITE let go. I can relate, though. It’s not easy. I’m still wearing flip-flops, after all.

2. I have this friend who is like my technology rival. Every time I see him, he’s got something that he feels I just really NEED to have to make my life simpler. First, he gave me a terrible time until I got a Mac. He was right, I love it. Then it was Apple TV. Yep, love that too. At my daughter’s birthday party, he started in on me about how crowded my coffee table was with remotes. (We have three: is that a lot? I didn’t think so.) According to him, I needed this super slick universal one, that would control all my elements with a touch of a button. I said no, I don’t need that. But of course, he is my rival, so I had to go check them out. Next thing I know, I am involved in the Most Complicated Set Up Ever, involving internet sites, USB cords, and wishing and hoping. But when it was done…it was pretty great, I have to admit. And I don’t WANT to admit, because I hate it when he’s right. Did I mention he is also my mechanic? And one of my oldest friends from high school? Just ONCE I’d like to have something cool before he does. Good luck with that.

3. I just started reading Jonathan Tropper’s novel This Is Where I Leave You, and it is so, so good. I mean, amazingly good. I know, everyone’s talking about the other Jonathan right now, as in Franzen, but there is NOTHING like finding an author you don’t know and having their work immediately vault into your Top Ten. His style reminds me a bit of Tom Perrotta, who I also adore, but he’s really just in his own class. My friend Susane Colasanti is also a fan, and says his backlist is equally great. Score! I can’t wait.

4. The deer in my backyard have become so comfortable with us that we’ve decided it’s time for some tough love. I mentioned how I’ve been tossing our old fruit out in the edge of the yard for them, which I thought was harmless. Not really. They’ve become so used to it that now, when we come out in the morning, they emerge from the woods, hanging around and waiting expectantly. The assembled crowd at the birthday party last weekend was STUNNED to see them gathered just past the birdfeeders, two bucks among them. (Especially Uncle Sid, who is an avid hunter. He is used to having to work much harder to find a buck. I think it blew his mind a little bit.) So no more food for them. They are wild animals, even if they, and I, have sort of forgotten that. Which is easy to do, when they sleep in your yard and all.

5. Finally, a note about this blog. Regular readers know that I’ve been feeling burned out lately, over Twittered at times, definitely feeling the exhaustion of Facebook. I tried to go with a smaller blog over at Tumblr, but it wasn’t really for me. Neither is the idea of reverting to just FB and Twitter. But I do think that I will allow myself to not keep up this steady three-times-a-week blog schedule, and instead just post when I really have something to say. Don’t worry, I’ll still do The Five. But other entries will just come as I feel like it. I really, really appreciate all of you who read this space and I know how lucky I am to have you. But I don’t want it to feel like a chore. Maybe after a month or two of easing off schedule, it won’t.

Have a good weekend, everyone!