Wait! Hold on!

I’m on my way out the door, with some free time for once (and of course, it’s so rare I have no idea what to do with it) but first I decided to read the comments on yesterday’s blog post. And it made me so sad that so many folks thought I was giving up this blog altogether. No, no, and NO. Promise! I just am not going to stick to my strict Sunday night, Tuesday night, Thursday night schedule. I’ll be switching it up, doing different days as I feel like it, NOT disappearing. I get more enjoyment out of this than Twitter and Facebook, for sure, so if I pull back entirely on anything it will be one of those. But hopefully, I can juggle all three and still not feel burned out.

And of course, leave it to me to say I’m stepping back from blogging and then do it two days in a row. Honestly. But I was just really, really touched. I know I have a lot of readers out there, and lots who don’t comment. Thank you for the support. I promise, I’m not going anywhere.

Now, I am going to go out, alone, and try NOT to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, although I really need K-Cups. But that place is like Target: you can’t buy just one thing. Better to stay away. Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend, everyone!