The Five!

1. The word on the street—which is to say, Twitter—is that Oprah has picked Jonathan Franzen’s new book, Freedom, for her book club. This after the whole kerfuffle when she picked, then un-picked his first, The Corrections, way back when. Not sure what this means? Is it about forgiveness? Closure in her last season? Can we look forward to Tom Cruise un-jumping the couch, too? Hmmm…..

2. It’s Movie Night Out tonight for me and my girlfriends, and I could not be more excited. For those of you keeping track, this is the THIRD film I’ve seen in three months. Whoa! I didn’t see three movies in the theatre in all of last year. Or, um, the year before. That’s just sad. We’re going to see Going the Distance, because I love Drew Barrymore and it has Christina Applegate and how cute is Justin Long? The tally so far is this: Toy Story 3 was great, Eat Pray Love, not so much. Which way will this one go? Stay tuned.

3. The weather is just so wild here right now. Like two different days in different seasons, all in the same 24 hrs. It’s downright chilly in the morning, definite sweater weather, but was 88 just before noon. Whoa! I am peeling layers all day, putting them back on as the sun goes down. September: make up your mind. All this wardrobing is exhausting me.

4. Guilty confession: I love spying on my kid while she’s at preschool. Yes, I am THAT mom, who stands on the upper floor like a stalker watching the children as they run around the playground. But honestly, I think I need to do this to remind myself that she does have a life without me. It’s easy to forget, after all. It seems like she’s always been WITH me, if not within me, and now when I see her playing or digging in the sand, completely separate from me, it’s just….weird. Like happy and sad all at once. Of course I want her to be independent, but I also want her to need me, you know, forever. Oh, God, listen to me. I’m stopping now.

5. Finally, my publisher sent me an early-not-even-in-stores-yet copy of the new Sarah Dessen Box Gift Set, which will be available next month, I believe. It’s a very pretty box containing paperbacks of Lock and Key, Someone Like You, and Keeping the Moon. Also, there is a key necklace and a little card that says, “Unlock your heart and the rest is easy,” with my signature. It’s all so pretty and sweet I can’t even stand it, although I have to laugh at me saying ANYTHING is easy these days. But maybe my heart is just locked? I think it might be that I don’t get enough sleep and am always having to empty the dishwasher. But the heart thing, it might be that too. You never know….

Have a good weekend, everyone!