The Five!

1. What is it about this time of year? It makes me so nostalgic, in all the good and bad ways. I was just driving home, watching the leaves fall, and the Cure came on the radio. Just like that—bam!—it’s 1987 and I’m a junior in high school, with all the mixed emotions that entails (I write about high school: that doesn’t mean I’ve made any kind of peace with it, or the girl I was then). It doesn’t help matters that I recently added XM’s 90s channel onto my presets. A push of a button takes away twenty-two years! If only there was a button that could do it to my face, as well.

2. Speaking of appearances, I have this dilemma. I’ve written here before (I think?) about how I never got braces as a kid but probably should have, and so I’m self–conscious about my teeth and the fact that they are not super straight. There was a time, in fact, that I was so embarrassed about it that I always smiled with my mouth shut, which made me look weird in a totally different way. Then, years ago, my officemate at UNC, Phyllis, who was tired of watching me do my close-mouthed smile for pictures, gave me a talking to. She said I should show my teeth and smile for real because life was short and it was too silly a thing to be worrying about. I took her words to heart, because Phyllis was a role model to me, and so wise. When the breast cancer she’d beaten came back a few years later, and she was very sick, she still remembered the whole smiling thing. In fact, the last time we talked, she reminded me about it. It’s been about four years since she’s been gone, but I still think about her every time I look at my teeth and wonder if I should look into Invisalign. I have friends who say if you can do something to make you happier with yourself, you should do it. But then I think of Phyllis, and I know she’s up there somewhere shaking her fist at me for even considering it. So I’m torn. At 40, shouldn’t I be making peace with my flaws, not trying to fix them? I don’t know the answer to that question.

3. In other news, how great has this week been for TV premieres? Glee was so good (although several people, not just me, noticed that Rachel seems to be shrinking: Lea Michele, eat a sandwich, okay?). Modern Family was hilarious, and Jennifer Aniston was on Cougar Town. I mean, come on! Then, tonight, there are so many things I want to see that I have two DVRs going. The Office premieres, and 30 Rock, and there’s Project Runway AND Grey’s Anatomy, which I tried to quit last year, but then watched the finale and got all sucked into again. Whew! But the BIG day for me is already marked on the calendar: October 27th, when the final season of Friday Night Lights premieres on DirecTV. I.cannot.wait.

4. Speaking of TV, I’m going to New York in October for some work stuff but am DETERMINED to try to visit the GMA set while I am there. I know someone who knows Juju Chang, so it just might happen. Regular readers will remember that Juju got me into the studio a couple of years back, and it remains one of the most exciting days I’ve ever had. And I didn’t even get to meet Chris Cuomo! Anyway, I will keep you posted. But if it DOES look like I get to go you can only imagine how excited I will be. I might have to take a sedative or something. I’m not even joking.

5. Finally, blogging may be sporadic next week as I am taking off to the coast for a family wedding/vacation/bid for sanity. I know, I know, the summer’s over, it’s official. But the beaches are still lovely here, like no one’s let them in on that fact yet. So we’re packing up our sunscreen and towels one last time before we have to break out the Uggs and sweaters. I’ll try to update as I can, or at least post a shrimpburger picture or two. Then it’s back here to buckle down and get ready for fall, book stuff, and everything else. It’s like a ride, you just gotta hold on….

Have a good weekend, everyone!