Good morning from the beach and my vacation where it is….raining. Not just sprinkling, either, but seriously pouring, day and night, and it’s not supposed to let up until….the day we leave. Oh, well. I had such good weather on my other trips I guess I was due this, so we are making the most of it. With TWO toddlers to entertain, what else can you do? I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t say I’ve increased my ice cream intake. You do what you have to do.

One bright spot is that the Glee episode that is All Britney Spears comes on tonight. Score! Plus I hear there is a cameo by Brit herself. This just makes me happy. Remember what a hot mess Miss Brit was just a year or two ago? Serious downward spiral, hospital trips, the whole thing. And now she’s on Glee. It gives me hope for all the other celebrities I am currently entirely too codependent about, but mostly Lindsay Lohan. I mean, I LOVE Lindsay. I loved Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls, and I was really thinking she’d go on to grow into even better roles. But she’s hit a bump, or two, and now she’s back for another rehab stint. Which is sad. I hope she pulls it together. Does she care what I think? Nope. But this is what happens when you read too much US Weekly and Google Entertainment News. What else can I do when it’s like a monsoon outside?

Well, you can read, actually, if you can sneak the time when the kids are asleep. I finally finished This Is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper, which I loved so, so much I stretched it out, not really wanting it to end. Then yesterday in a free moment, I started Kate Atkinson’s When Will There Be Good News, and it pretty much blew my mind in the first twenty pages. WHOA. I’ve read some of her other stuff, but forgotten how good she is. You know, that’s another thing we can do in the rain: hit the local independent bookstore, which is AWESOME. Shop, eat. sleep, read watch the clouds to will them past. And repeat. And repeat, and repeat…

Have a good day, everyone!