The Five!

1. It’s the last day of vacation here, and the good news is…it’s not raining. It’s not exactly SUNNY, but considering the weather we just endured over the last few days, it might as well be picture perfect. As we were hit by first one rain system and then the remnants of Hurricane Nicole, it rained, and and rained. The wind howled and the house whistled, the roof and windows leaked. With the final burst last evening, the roads flooded outside and we still can’t get out of the driveway. BUT! It’s not raining. So all is well.

2. The fact we’ve been inside a lot has meant we’ve been having to work even harder with the two toddlers here to keep the peace. My daughter is three, her cousin just turned four, and so sharing is the rule of the day. We are better with it some times than others, which is to say if it’s awhile until I hear “Mine!” that would be just fine. The easiest solution has been to have two of everything, so at least we’re starting out on even ground. I have decided, though, that my cousin Lucy, mother of the four year old, could negotiate peace with ANYONE. She is so patient and logical I think we should send her to the Middle East. The quote of today: “Hey, girls. Before we argue, let’s just say, ‘Here. Have mine.'” She makes it sound so easy! I am taking lessons.

3. This is the first beach trip I’ve had where it’s rained more than been nice—or rained the entire time, but whatever—so it’s been a real lesson, also, in optimism. The whole glass half full, and all that. Yesterday, it was pouring, but some friends arrived and they wanted to swim anyway. So out we went, all of us, into the pouring rain, and jumped into the pool. How often, really, do you get to be out in the rain and really not care at ALL about getting wet? So, see, that was good. And how often do you get to be outside at the beach and not have to worry about sunscreen? Well, never, now that you mention it. So that’s good too. It’s all in how you look at it. And if we CAN’T get out tomorrow because the road is still too flooded for the car to get through, then, well, we get more time at the beach. Add it to the list!

4. Another reason we HAVE to try to get out today: I have not yet had a shrimpburger from the Big Oak Drive-In, and that is just not right. Fried shrimp, with slaw and cocktail sauce, on a hamburger bun, with incredible onion rings? It might be October, but it’s the best summer food.

5. And it IS October today. Whoa! How did that happen? It means things are speeding up, up, up. I’m still gathering info about the tour and publicity plans for my next book, What Happened to Goodbye, and I’m hoping to be able to show you guys a cover sometime in the next few weeks. (Fingers crossed!) Plus, there’s this little matter of this crazy thing I’m doing to promote both the book and my website. Remember I told you it was blue and goes fast? Here’s a bit more. My friend Evan, who races cars, was in the market for a sponsor. I’m looking for a fun way to promote my books, thinking outside of the box and all that. So we’re working on putting together a car that has the colors of my website, as well as some images from my books. Can you even imagine? A race car with pink details and photos of bare feet in flipflops, zooming around the track at a hundred miles an hour? Is it crazy? (Possibly.) Will we be laughed out of PW? (Probably.) Is it going to be hilarious and just SO much fun to blog about? You bet. Stay tuned….

Have a great weekend, everyone!