Today was the first day we had to turn the heat on since…well, sometime last spring. There’s something about that smell, of the heat coming on, a mix of dust and warmth. I was brushing my teeth and smelled it and thought instantly of sweaters and chili in crockpots and bonfires. Fall, fall. Fall.

With the first cold snap, I’m of course thinking about wardrobe. (What? You expected something else?) I am so sick of everything I wore this summer, but not sure what to get for this season. I wish I was all fashionable, but seriously without a segment on GMA a few weeks back I would not know that I need to at LEAST invest in a military style jacket, something camel colored and a pair ankle boots. The problem is, I worry that none of those things will look good on me. Can I wear a military style jacket and ankle boots to Whole Foods to buy apples? Not sure. I can wear the same Dansko clogs and Seven bootcuts as the last two years, but that’s just so lame. I have always wanted to be one of those girls like my friend Dana, who can toss on anything and make it look stylish, fabulous and totally effortless. (She looks great in ankle boots, too.) I wonder if Tim Gunn makes house calls. Although I can only imagine what he’d say about my Danskos. *shudder*

In other news, I think my watch battery is dying. I say THINK because it keeps stopping, but then when I reset it, it works again until…it doesn’t. I’ve read that nobody wears watches anymore, as everyone just uses their phones, and that’s probably true. My current watch is a beat-up chrome Fossil that I got at an outlet in Florida about eight years ago. It is scratched and not altogether cute but I love it. I went to the Fossil place awhile back, thinking of replacement, but all they wanted to sell me was the white watch Sandra Bullock wore in The Blind Side because apparently it was very “hot,” and “everyone wants one.” The truth is, I’d probably be better off without a watch, as it might help me be in the moment more. I used to have this rule that I wouldn’t wear a watch on Sundays or vacation for that very reason. But really, I think, for me a watch is like my own personal compass. Where am I? At three-fifteen, give or take a few ticks (or hours, if my battery has died). It just gives me a center, something concrete to go on even when everything else is up in the air. But maybe watches don’t go with military jackets and ankle boots? Oh, whatever. I am never going to be That Girl. Maybe it is time I stopped trying.

And just so you know, right now, it’s 5:31. You’re welcome.

Have a good night, everyone!