The reason I’ve set up this journal is so that eventually it can be linked to my website, enabling me to provide updates, news, info and stuff about my books and my writing. (Being not quite computer savvy—a vast understatement—my site is run, thankfully, by people who know what they’re doing.) The site went up in early June, and I have to say I’ve been pretty much shocked by how many people have contacted me through it to tell me about how they’ve read my books. (Okay, not Stephen King/Anne Tyler numbers, but hey, anything is impressive to me.) I’ve tried to write everyone back personally, but I’d like to say here how much I appreciate all the nice emails, as well as the letters that I’ve gotten over the past few years. I’ve written my share of fan letters to authors over the years, so I know the time and thought that goes into them. So, to all of you who took that time, thanks. You have no idea who much it means.