The Five!

1. The definition of FUTILITY: spending about an hour of very super precious babysitter/work time updating your MySpace page (which has been woefully neglected since, like, last winter) only to be told that nobody is on MySpace anymore. Whoops. Is that true? I mean, I know it’s older than Facebook, and Twitter is newer still, but it SEEMS like there’s still quite a bit happening over there. Anyway, that’s what I’m telling myself because the alternative is really…I can’t even think about it, really. Don’t mess with my denial, people. It is a powerful thing.

2. One great thing about MySpace? I was able to FINALLY make a new collage of my book covers without my head exploding. I used to have this really easy photo editing thing, back on my old PC, but with the Mac I didn’t have anything I could use to do quick photo changes easily. I was told to get Photoshop Elements, which honestly is the MOST COMPLICATED THING ever. I may be a moron (it’s highly likely, in fact) but every time I try to use it I cannot seem to figure out what exactly to do to achieve the end result I want. Enter MySpace, which has this random little collage feature on the menu. A couple of easy uploads later, a conversion to JPEG, and bam!:

See, that’s all I need in any given day. Just the feeling that I got SOMETHING done somewhat correctly. It’s like manna from heaven, seriously. (Edit: this is ironic, because it was pointed out to me that I omitted Just Listen from original collage. Whoops! I think it is right now.)

3. So I wrote here awhile back about my whole do-I-get-braces-or-not issue, and you guys were very supportive and informative about the issue. Earlier this week, I went in for a consultation with a very well recommended orthodontist here in Chapel Hill. This office was impressive: iPads to play with while you wait! Fresh-baked cookies! A movie room! My head was spinning before we even talked about my teeth. They took extensive pictures, which were then put on on a monitor so we could study them. (Oh, dear God: me, early in the a.m. after a not-great night of sleep in super close up: whoa. Clearly, I need to be wearing concealer or something, but that’s another issue entirely.) Anyway, it was a really good consult. They said I could definitely do Invisalign, showed me all the elements of doing so, gave me the price, etc. All I had to do was agree. It should have been easy: I’d been looking at my crooked teeth for, like, an hour straight, to the point they were pretty much burned on my brain. But you know what? I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t the cost (it’s not cheap) or that I didn’t think it would work. I just didn’t feel right. So I said I’d think on it, and I left. I figured I’d wait for a sign from the universe to help me decide. A couple of hours passed. Then I saw something on Facebook from my good friend Geralin, the professional organizer. It was a quote a client had given her: “Embrace Frayed Edges, Worn Pages and Laugh Lines. True Beauty Lies in Imperfection.” And I thought…okay. Yes. It was actually really nice to just make that decision. So my teeth aren’t perfect. Neither am I. I’m forty and my teeth are my teeth. I plan to just smile big anyway and save the money and time for my kid when SHE might need braces, which will come sooner than I think. There’s a certain peace in just deciding to be okay with something. It frees you. At least, that’s how it feels in this case.

4. Tonight is the premiere of the latest Real Housewives installment, this one set in Beverly Hills. How many of these shows can Bravo possibly run at once? I think we are finding out. Pretty soon it will just the the All-Housewives network. But I have to say, I credit this show and all the crazy people on it with me staying in shape: as I have said before, it is my workout staple. Even if I am horribly behind. I JUST saw the one where that couple from the DC show crashed the White House State Dinner. You’d think knowing their backstory would make it all make more sense, but you’d….be wrong. I STILL can’t believe they did that AND that they got away with it. Of course, the downside of watching the Housewives alone on the treadmill at six a.m. is that there’s no one to shout back at the TV with me. I probably sound like a crazy person, running and shouting while it’s still dark outside. But at least I’m not crashing State dinners on national television.

5. Finally, a warning: this time next week, I’ll be in New York, doing some business stuff and….wait for it….getting ready to go to the GMA studio Friday morning. YESSSSSS! My friend who has a serious GMA connection worked her magic and if all goes well I’ll be watching the show from INSIDE, instead of standing on my tiptoes in Times Square hoping for a glimpse of George or Juju. I know many of you cannot fathom why I love this show so much, and I understand that. As my mother says, Different Strokes for Different Folks. So I am giving you a heads up that if you follow me on Twitter you may want to, I don’t know, prepare yourself for next Friday. Because I WILL be tweeting my excitement minute by minute. You have been warned.

Have a great weekend, everyone!