Is anyone else having One Of Those Days? I swear, it’s become almost comical how many things keep breaking down, imploding or just not cooperating all around me today. For instance: right now, I really, really need to be reading over the rough pages of my new novel. These are the printed pages of how the book will actually look once it is bound, the last step (for me, anyway) before it’s printed. I’m seeing my editor on Thursday, so I thought, perfect! I’ll just get them done, slip them into my bag, and take them to her personally. Every time I try to sit down and work on them, though, something happens. First, we had a bunch of important stuff come through for my husband’s company that had to be printed and dealt with. But the attachments wouldn’t open. Then the printer had a tantrum (probably following my daughter’s cue) and stopped working. Finally I gave up on that and came over here to my office, only to remember that I needed to get my car from the shop. I paid for it, went out to crank the engine and…battery was dead. (I’d brought it in for a low tire, so this was a surprise.) I was getting out of the car (in full view of everyone in the waiting room, who had heard my car make that tick-tick-tick-not-going-anywhere-sorry noise) and this one guy standing there smiled at me. “Oh, well,” he said. “At least you’re in the right place. If your battery has to die, best it happen at a garage.”

See? There is a positive in everything. Even if you have to have some total stranger point it out before it is suddenly obvious. Now I am back, the car is fixed (although now my stereo’s not working, but no matter! It will give me more time for contemplation while driving!) and I may actually get some work done. I keep looking up, though, just in case an anvil is falling from the sky, so I can get out of the way.

In other news, ABC Family has pulled Friday Night Lights from their schedule. To this I say: SIGH. I feel like it is just the fate of this great, great show to just be misunderstood and undersold forever. But on the bright side, I know for a fact that even this short run on ABC Family has hooked in a whole bunch of new viewers who are now addicted just like me. So that’s a good thing. Thank goodness all the seasons are on DVD, and the new one begins on DirecTV NEXT WEEK. I don’t care what network honchos say, FNL. I love you, forever and always. Period.

I also love GMA, so I am really getting pumped for my visit to the studio on Friday. I had to laugh earlier today when I saw someone tweet that I was going to be ON the show: I WISH! That is my ultimate dream, as well as new life goal, but for now I am more than happy to be going to stand in the audience and just watch. I heard that Sam Champion, my favorite weatherguy, is not going to be in New York Friday, which is such a bummer. But hopefully G-Step, Robin and Juju will be there. If not, I’ll be happy with whoever, because you know I am such a GMA nerd that I’d watch an empty studio and be in heaven.

It’s been so crazy busy with the anvils falling and tires deflating that I haven’t EVEN had a chance to start thinking about my trip other than the whole GMA thing. I need to pack. I wanted to get some cute shoes and a new jacket. (How cold is it up there right now? Do I need a jacket, or can I get buy with thick sweaters? Help!) I wish I had time for a haircut and a full day of sleep before I go (I fear I will scare people with my toddler-recovering-from-a-cold-and-therefore-not-sleeping caused dark dark circles under my eyes) but oh, well. The truth is, this is how I look: slightly rumpled, always a bit tired, not wearing the cutest shoes, especially by New York standards. And you know what? It’s just fine. It really is.

Finally, thanks to everyone who gave me the heads-up that Along for the Ride had been picked for the YALSA Teen’s Top 10! Not only am I at number 7 (my lucky number) but I’m in great company, with good friends like Laurie Halse Anderson, Gayle Forman, and others. And even better, I got to watch the announcement on the WWE Website, delivered by a wrestler named Eve. Did you know Wrestlemania had a connection to teen reading? ME NEITHER! So freaking awesome. AND they pronounced my name right, which never happens. Double score!

Okay, I have a few more minutes before the dinner craziness begins. Maybe I can get some work done? Wish me luck….

Have a great day, everyone!