Man, I thought you guys were opinionated about politics. But I mention cupcakes and one thing is CLEAR: you have opinions. Forget Juju Chang and GMA, the bulk of the comments (it seemed like to me, anyway) from my last entry were all about who makes the best cupcakes in New York. Magnolia? Crumbs? A place called Tony’s? This is serious business. I think next time I am up that way I will have to do a tasting tour to decide for myself. Better hit the treadmill now.

(For the record, if you are ever down MY way, my favorite local cupcakes are at Cafe Carolina at Meadowmont. Oh, my goodness. Little chocolate chips in the chocolate ones? Cake and frosting equally good? I wish I could figure out a way to ship them up to my New York friends. I’m not even joking. But nobody likes a mushed cupcake. That’s just plain sad.)

Anyway. I can’t think about cupcakes, because I am eagerly awaiting (read: hoping, wishing, praying) that the galleys of my new book will show up sometime this week. I have no idea if they will. All I can go on is that my friend and fellow Penguin author Susane Colasanti’s next book. So Much Closer, comes out the week before mine in May 2011 and she got HER galleys last week. I know I have written about this before, but it never gets old, that first time you hold your book and it actually looks, like, you know, a BOOK. This is my tenth time and I know I will still get all aflutter and possibly squeal. It’s the closest thing to a crossing the finish line moment I get. The real finish line is when I complete that first draft, but it’s hardly a moment to savor. More often than not I am limping across, crawling even, and collapsing on the other side. By the time the galleys arrive, however, I’ve gotten some distance and therapy. Fed Ex Man: I am waiting for you!

It’s funny that I mention the finish line thing, because I am currently surrounded by people training for marathons. What is up with this? It’s like the new tattoo, everyone is doing it. My husband is currently gearing up for his second, which he’s running with my friends Dana and Amanda in December. My friend Courtney is training for a half, and my other friends Jason and Blaine just did their second. It’s like a cult or something. I hear a LOT about IT bands, tapering, and how to best take a bathroom break in the middle of a run. (TMI, people!) Meanwhile there I am on my treadmill, watching my Real Housewives, doing my three miles and sweating. Sigh. I am not built for distance, sadly. But I WILL be on the sidelines, cheering everyone on. Maybe holding a galley of my book?

In other news, the premiere of the FINAL SEASON of Friday Night Lights begins tomorrow night, Wednesday, on DirecTV. I am so excited and sad at the same time. I’ve made peace with the fact that some people will just never know how good this show is, but I’m so happy I’m not one of them. If you don’t have DirecTV, this season will run next on NBC. I promise no spoilers! One bonus of country living: no cable, so we have to have satellite. I can’t get pizza, but I can get my FNL. Yes!

Ooh! I hear a truck! Is it…no, just my husband. Sigh. I love him, but he is NOT my book. Soon, soon…..

Have a good night, everyone!