The Five!

1. As I write this, I am thirsty. Why? Because my monthly Movie Night with my girlfriends was last night, and I ate popcorn. How much? TOO much. And here’s why. We went to dinner, had our wine and caught up (my favorite part, actually, although the movies are nice too) then proceeded to the theatre. We were seeing The Social Network, which was AMAZING, by the way. But back to the salt issue. My friends went to the restroom and left me in charge of buying popcorn. We always get one medium and split it, but I got upsold by the person behind the counter. “Want to switch to a large for another dollar?” she asked. I thought, hey, why not. It’s a dollar. But let me tell you something: the medium popcorn is, like, what you would expect. A bit bigger than a small, but enough for everyone to get a good serving. The large, however, comes in a BUCKET. It was gi-normous and when she handed it to me I busted out laughing (which might have been from the wine, but really, it was huge). So when my friends come back they see me standing there with basically a gallon or two of popcorn, all alone, and then they start laughing. We dragged it with us into the movie, ate off of it for the full two hours plus running time and STILL had enough to feed a small country. Oh, my goodness. I’ve been chugging water all day and still feel like I have a saltlick in my mouth. Whew. Lesson learned. Next time, no upsell. Or no popcorn, period.

2. As I said, we saw the Social Network, and it was freaking awesome. The best of the four movies we’ve seen since we started this tradition. You would THINK a movie about the startup of Facebook, heavy on the courtroom stuff, would be boring, but this is written by Aaron Sorkin. So it rocked. Also awesome: Justin Timberlake, who I have always had a tiny crush on. Maybe it was the salt, but by the credits I was full on sa-wooning. And he wasn’t even likeable in the movie! Then again, nobody really was. Which is another reason why the writing is so good. You don’t have a clear hero and STILL can’t stop watching. Amazing.

3. Halloween is this weekend, and I find myself in this weird place. For years, I dressed up: as a kid, with my friends, in high school then college. Then, I hit that middle spot where we just didn’t really DO Halloween. Partially because we live so far out in the country, so we have no trick or treaters, but also because Halloween here is really all about going down to Franklin Street and braving the crowds, which I’m just not into. Now, though, I have this toddler who is FASCINATED with Halloween, so everything has begun again. I’ve dressed up the last two years, as she has dressed up, and it looks like Sunday I’ll be doing it again. I found a Bump-it on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond ages ago ($2.00!) and bought it on impulse. I am thinking I will pair it with some dark jeans, the loudest, most low-cut shirt I can find, my bling-y sunglasses and some platform heels and call myself…well, I’m not sure. Something? A random Bravo Housewife, most likely. Meanwhile my daughter is going as a giraffe, courtesy of the best costume ever from Old Navy. I am sure we will make an odd pair. But we probably do anyway, every other day of the year.

4. I watched the first episode of Bret Michaels’ new show on VH1, Life as I Know It, this week and was…hooked. Immediately. What IS it about Bret Michaels? He can be on the skankiest show ever (Rock of Love, Rock of Love Bus) show several dealbreaker qualities and yet…I love him. I do! And this show is the best yet. Again, he does stuff that should drive me crazy, like referring to himself in the third person. But I’m like teflon when it comes to him! Oh, it’s a sickness. Like popcorn, clearly.

5. I know I usually (and even today) write about really kind of silly, pop-culture stuff. Either that or I am complaining about how stressed out I am and how there is not enough time in the day. Every once in awhile, though, I see or hear something that just makes me feel compelled to say something more meaningful. There’s been this girl missing here in NC for a few weeks now: she battled bone cancer and won, was hearing impaired, and disappeared from her home under suspicious circumstances. Once she was reported gone, people came forward and said they had seen her with black eyes, and suspected she was not being treated well by her father and stepmother. And now…well, they can’t find her, and they are expecting the worst, mostly because of the conflicting testimony by her parents. Maybe it’s because it’s here in my home state, or because I keep seeing pictures of her hopeful face, smiling up at the people who were supposed to be taking care of her. But something about this has just broken, broken, broken my heart. I know I can’t do anything about it, and I don’t mean to bring everyone down on a normally happy Five. But I will say this: if you see someone, ANYONE, but ESPECIALLY a child you suspect is in danger, SAY SOMETHING. Call authorities, talk about your concerns, take action. Because you might be all that kid has. Really.

Again, sorry for the downer. I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend.