Okay, is it just me, or does Halloween feel, well…kind of flat this year? Maybe it’s that it is falling on a Sunday. Or that between preschool and family stuff we’ve been dressing up the toddler since Thursday. But now that it’s the actual night, and just getting dark, I feel….tired. Like what I REALLY want to do is curl up in front of the fire with a glass of red wine and watch TV. Which is so NOT festive of me, I know.

It could also be the fact that because we have all these cupcakes in the house—I bought six of my favorites, from Cafe Carolina, and then my mother-in-law brought over four more—we’ve all been eating more sugar than usual. Which means the toddler is alternately manic and sobbing, and so am I. We don’t handle sugar well, apparently. Good to know, but how can I resist cupcakes? Simply put, I cannot. Maybe if we eat a couple of big steaks everyone will just calm down a bit.

I want to be into Halloween, truly. But we live so far out that it means driving into town, wrestling daughter into costume she is officially sick of, and somehow doing something for myself as well. I had plans to be a NJ Housewife, but am now thinking I will be super lame and just wear my devil horns from last year. What is WRONG with me?

Remember when Halloween was, like, the biggest deal ever? I’d spent forever getting a costume ready, then count the moments until it was dark enough to set out. Always with a big pack of neighborhood kids, always with a big shopping bag for all the loot we’d get. I feel like a Scrooge right now, and that’s not even the right holiday. Bah-pumpkin. Or whatever.

Maybe, though, this is just the reason I SHOULD dress up. I can be cynical every other day of the year: this night, I could be someone or something else. Someone with a Bump-it and a big, fake pink diamond ring, even. It’s funny, because my new book is about a girl who makes habit of re-inventing herself, with a new name and persona in each new school. I love the idea of being someone else, if only for a little while: it’s why I am a writer, I am sure.

So yes. Time to shake off this blah and got get the Bump-it. Which is a blonde one, which makes it even better. Halloween doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it should be something. Maybe I’ll just avoid the sugar and ask for beef jerky for a treat? Ummm…maybe not.

Have a good (and SAFE!) night everyone!