The Five!

1. Thanks to everyone who left kind comments (and those reassuring me that I’m not insane) about my last blog post. I know a few people said they really like to hear about my writing process,, and wish I discussed it more here. The truth is, though, I get superstitious talking about writing. I can do it sometimes, but the more I dissect and try to process why, exactly, something works, the less it does. Does that make sense? I do my best writing (and this is no joke) when I have zero time to think about it. When I just have to plunge in and GO and trust I will get where I need to be. For someone who equates planning with sanity, this is absolute madness, which probably explains the neurosis. That said, it’s easier talking about the books I’ve already published than the ones knocking around in my head right now. There’s a distance that makes it less scary. So maybe I will do it again. We’ll see.

2. Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. Ugh. That’s all I can say. As I write this, it’s 4:30 and really cloudy here, but already I need to turn on my office lights. I refuse to. I just can’t deal with the fact that pretty soon it will be dark at 5pm. UGH. UGH. This is the time of year that I really start relying on chocolate, magazines and shopping just to get through to springtime. I’ve thought before that maybe I should invest in one of those light boxes, that’s supposed to help with these longer darker days. But then I have to make time to sit in front of the box, and I can’t even brush my teeth some days I’m so busy. So for now I will sit here stubbornly, in the dark. So there.

3. Right now, my mother is reading my new book. I tell you this because it is very much on my mind, just like EVERY time she reads something for the first time. There was a time, actually, when my mom was my very first reader: before my agent, editor, anyone. But then there was one book I really thought was good, and she wasn’t that crazy about, and it was so awkward that we mutually decided we’d wait in the future until later for her to get a look. So when my galley came last week, I gave it to my husband (who also never reads anything until this stage) but he was so crazy busy he said I should take it to my parents first, since they are fast readers. (As former professors, they come by it honestly.) My dad read it in about twenty four hours and gave it a thumbs up. Score! Now my mom has it and I am doing EVERYTHING I can not to call and bug her about where she is in the story, what she thinks, etc. It really is a scary thing, opening up this part of your life that has been all yours for two full years to the rest of the world. And your mother. Oh, I want to bite my nails just thinking about it. Better get used to it, though, as I know the ARCs will be going out for reviews before I know it. Yikes!

4. This week, a good friend invited us out to eat Indian food. Now, here’s something interesting: I don’t really like Indian food. How do I know this? Because even though we went to this great restaurant, and everyone else loved the dishes they got, I just…didn’t. This is the third time I have tried Indian while suspecting this, so I did give it the old college try. I want to believe I am open to any and all cuisines, but at forty years old, maybe it’s time to just accept that maybe this is NOT for me. Thanks to my Twitter friends, who I asked for suggestions, I ordered the tikki masala. And it was fine. But fine is not good and certainly not Out for Dinner Paying a Babysitter GREAT. Part of the problem is that I really don’t like spicy food. I don’t understand the joy in eating something that is causing you pain at the same time: it’s like someone sticking you with needles over dinner. What’s the fun in that? I think it’s okay to just decide I won’t do that again. Maybe that makes me old and crochety. Or just smart. Time will tell.

5. This weekend in the inaugural race of my www.Sarah car, and I am so excited. It’s in South Carolina, and I’m not attending, but I will be getting regular updates and hopefully some pictures. It’s presented a bit of a dilemma, in that I wanted to send along some swag, but am not sure WHO exactly will be there that might, you know, want a bumpersticker or a signed book or whatever. I’m not sure there will be a big desire at track for pretty pink and purple magnets featuring my book covers. But maybe I am wrong? I think I will send along some anyway. You never know, someone might have a teenage daughter who is interested. And even if they don’t, my car is still out there on the track. Going FAAAAAAST! I can’t wait.

Have a good weekend, everyone!