We fell back an hour last night, as Daylight Savings Time ended. (Oh, and thanks to the commenter who pointed out I got that wrong when I said it was beginning: what would I do without you guys?) Unfortunately, no one told my toddler, who was up and chattering, calling for me at 4:35 this morning. Ugh. Double ugh. I finally went and got her around 5:15, which I told myself was actually 6:15. Do you do that trick, at first, where you reassure your sleepy and hour-confused self by clinging to what time it SHOULD be? No? Oh. Anyway, now it’s almost four, which means we have about an hour until sunset. (This was pointed out to me by Susane Colasanti, who knew it would make me groan. It did.)

This is the time of year that I feel that early-darkness funk set in. The kind that makes me want to eat more carbs (bread! cake! bread!) wear nothing but Uggs and stretchy jeans, and avoid all responsibility. It’s amazing I get anything done from November to March, honestly. But the thing that’s weird is, it’s in those months that I often get my BEST writing done, if only because it pulls me out of where I am and lets me be someplace else. Ever wonder why so many of my books are set in sunny summer? Well, because I’m usually writing them when the sun is setting before five. You do what you have to do. So for me, today, that meant bacon at breakfast (yum!), making brownies before noon, and fixing up a big crock-pot full of white bean and sausage pasta sauce for dinner tonight. I will cook and eat my way until the light returns. Just watch me. Oh, and maybe try to start another book, too.

Also this weekend was the inaugural race Team Dessen, i.e. the Along for the Ride and Lock and Key cars. After getting pole position on Saturday (this is beginning at the head of the pack, it was explained to me) my friend Evan, in the AFTR car, had a strong start, only to be crashed off the road by another car. Yikes! He was fine, though, and came back strong to again start first today and finish third. YES! The Lock and Key car, driven by my husband, also finished well, in the middle of the pack. So, a good weekend all around for this crazy, latest endeavor. I think I will eat a brownie to celebrate.

With the house to myself and the toddler, I spent the time I wasn’t eating catching up on all the shows my husband cannot tolerate. First, Friday Night Lights. I know, irony of ironies, I can convince total strangers to watch this show but not my life partner. SIGH. Anyway, I finally got to the first two episodes of the new season and was NOT disappointed. No spoilers, though, so that’s all I will say. Then it was onto Grey’s Anatomy, which continues to be good although not great, but I still like watching it. Finally, there is Brothers and Sisters, a show my husband hates so much he can’t even HEAR it from another room. Me, though, I love this hot mess that is the Walkers. Although I do have a small bone to pick. This season Kitty has a new love interest. He’s a hunky, down-to-earth carpenter. All carpenters on TV, it seems, are hunky and down to earth. Also, like this guy, they all seem to wear white tank tops when they work. Now, my husband is a carpenter and contractor. I know a LOT of carpenters. I’ve never seen any of them wear a tank top to work. Seriously. The carpenters I know are all tattooed, drive trucks, and will wear shorts until it’s absolutely freezing outside. They are not camera ready, their tool belts actually look used (not like a belt, slung suggestively around expensive jeans) and they don’t wear expensive jeans to work. Or, um, ever. It’s like whenever there is a Southerner on TV, they are twanging like mad and talking about Mama and Wal-Mart. Hollywood: we’re not all like that. I promise! I personally would have loved to see Kitty with a tattooed carpenter in shorts and a sleeve tattoo. Maybe next season.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. See what early darkness does to me? I will leave you with something that instead inspired me this weekend. I was over at my neighbor Mark’s studio—he’s a painter, an amazing one—and I caught a glimpse of his filing system and immediately wished I had the same one:

If only it was that easy to keep the two that separate. Maybe I’ll invest in a new cabinet and try it?

Have a good night, everyone!