Before I forget…

…yes, I know I just posted yesterday. But my memory is so bad right now I KNOW if I don’t put these up in a post they will be going, going….GONE by tomorrow. Sad, but true.

Okay, so number one: video of my Along for the Ride race car! You get a dashboard view of my friend Evan racing this weekend. (Notice the bumpersticker on the dash: shameless promotion, I know. Sorry!) I have to say I am such a nervous person that the entire time I was watching this I kept stabbing at an imaginary brake pedal under my desk. Yikes! Which I guess is better than reaching up to grab an imaginary what my husband used to call the Oh S**t handle, that thing over your passenger window. Hang on!

Number two: a reader posted the most amazing picture on my Facebook fan page. It literally blew me away. I’m always flattered when anyone finds something that strikes a chord with them in one of my books, but when they choose to put those words on their body, it’s pretty incredible. Thanks to Danielle for letting me share this:

So cool.

Finally, a truly personal. My cousin Hannah is an AMAZING singer/songwriter, and she’s got a new album up on Bandcamp. I have listened to her music for years and loved it, and I think this is her best stuff yet. (I actually held her as a baby, when I visited them in England. I remember I was twelve and outside this public park with her and a woman asked me how old my daughter was. I was like, “WHAT?” Maybe I just looked mature? But I digress.) Anyway, Hannah rocks. You should totally listen to her song “Canny Man,” by clicking HERE. I cannot get it out of my head.

Okay, that’s all I had to tell you. At least I THINK so. No telling what I am forgetting…..

Have a good night, everyone!