The Five!

1. Okay, so Glee was GREAT this week. Truly. Which is one of the reasons I literally screamed as if in pain when my husband, joking around, pretended like he was going to delete it right after we watched it. And then: he did. BY ACCIDENT. OR SO HE CLAIMS. Blip! And it was gone. “I didn’t mean to! I was only joking!” he kept saying, but our DVR has no Trash option, so it was gone, baby, gone. I can watch it on Hulu, I know, but then I can’t fast forward to all my favorite parts over and over again. Might have to download it from iTunes. If I do, I think HE should have to pay for it. Fair is fair.

2. I have written here before about my college friend Geralin, who is now a professional organizer featured on A&E’s Hoarders. Today she was on the Nate Berkus show: step BACK! She is a rock star. I bet she gets on GMA soon and then I will die of jealousy. But I digress. Anyway, on the Nate show she was talking about clearing out clutter, and now up on the website she’s posted some great tips that you can read here. Now, I’m not sure I can pare down my wardrobe to the items she says you actually NEED, even if it would make everything neater. Only two pairs of jeans? WHAT? And I know she would not approve of the fact that I hold onto clothes for emotional reasons, even if I never wear them. I have to admit, though, when I DO clean out my closet, it’s like therapy. But then, shopping is too. It’s a wicked cycle.

3. My daughter currently has her 1,290th cold since August. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. But honestly. She’s walking around SO stuffed up, it’s like living with a short Darth Vader. Or a mini mouth breather. What stinks the most is that when a kid this age is congested, there’s nothing you can do. Not Sudafed or Dayquil or whatever I’d take. Plus, she won’t blow her nose, and the alternative is trying to hold her down and suction stuff out. Right now, she’s watching Blue’s Clue’s and moaning intermittently. I feel SO BAD for her. Sniffle. Sniffle. Hack.

4. Today I was multitasking, as usual. Does anyone single task anymore? Anyway, I was running errands while listening to voice auditions for the audiobook of What Happened to Goodbye. This is always odd to me, because it’s so weird for me to hear ANYONE else reading my book. I hear it a certain way in my head, the voice, the nuances, and by this point I have read SO much of it aloud in my office, trying to get it right on the page. So to hear another take is strange. Everyone sounds good, and everyone is so different! I know authors who read their own audiobooks, but nobody’ s asked me to do that. Maybe it’s my accent, I don’t know, You realize, though, when you read a bunch of takes on the same scene, what a difference the reader makes. To me, Mclean, What Happened to Goodbye’s narrator, doesn’t sound like anyone but…well, Mclean. I think every reader has their own idea. And that’s a good thing.

5. I saw my first Christmas commercial today. I know, I know. It’s inevitable. But I am always, for some reason, still unsettled whenever I see anything Christmas before Thanksgiving. Maybe this is because I LOVE Thanksgiving. What’s not to love? Food, family, naps and sports. I mean, come on. I like Christmas too, but then there’s all the pressure of gifts and cards and all that. I personally am doing my yearly ritual of refusing to even think about Christmas until the morning after I’ve stuffed myself with turkey, stuffing and apple pie. Mmmmm…pie. I am thinking I will make my cousin Caroline’s recipe this year, which has SO MANY APPLES (various kinds, mixed) that it’s like a little mountain of love in every bite. Oh, man. Now I’m hungry.
….or, was, until daughter started hacking again. I need some Airborne, QUICK.

Have a good weekend, everyone!