I keep clearing my throat, because the cold I got from my daughter has moved down into my tonsils. It makes me sound like I am constantly trying to get everyone’s attention to make a Very Important Announcement, when really I 1) have nothing to say and 2) couldn’t say it well even if I did, because I am losing my voice. Cue the hilarity! On the upside, I do have that scratchy voice you get when you’re sick that makes me sound exotic, so that’s not a bad thing. Because that’s what it takes to get me even CLOSE to exotic: a head cold and drainage. *rimshot* I’m here all week!

No, I’m not on cold medicine. Why?

Seriously, though, I hate being sick. And really, this time I feel like I dodged a bullet by just getting a simple cold. Everyone told me that when my kid went into preschool and began developing her immune system we’d be plagued by every bug going around, but I thought people were exaggerating. Apparently not. Lately, though, I’m trying to take things that happen as suggestions from the universe. So maybe I just really NEEDED to sleep more, do less, and, well, shut up. I can totally see why someone might think so. so who am I to argue?

There was one thing WORTH the throat clearing/Big Announcement this weekend, which was the achievement of a Life’s Dream: I got in Entertainment Weekly!

Okay, fine, my BOOKS are in Entertainment Weekly. That’s the thing, though: for me, it’s basically the same thing. And talk about being in amazing company. Suzanne Colins AND The Wimpy Kid books AND Jan Brett? I almost had to do a victory lap around my mailbox (I didn’t, as my neighbors already think I am weird enough.) I’m so excited about this gift set, though, and I know the folks at Penguin put a ton of work into the design, so I’m thrilled to get it get such a big mention.

I know that for a lot of authors being in EW is old hat. But maybe they are used to being glamorous. I, however, spent the weekend when I wasn’t hacking, preparing to announce or whispering……wait for it….making Play-Doh from scratch for my daughter’s preschool class. Way back in the fall, I apparently signed up to do this, and so off we trekked to the grocery store to buy large amounts of flour, salt and cream of tartar. We mixed it up with some vegetable oil and food coloring, boiled it on the stove and WHOA, we had Play Doh. It was miraculous, I swear to you. It didn’t have that chemically smell of real Play Doh, and the colors were less than neon vibrant, but I am guessing that that might be a GOOD thing. Just a hunch.

So I’m there kneading my sunshine yellow Play Doh, readying it for a Ziploc bag, and I’m thinking, I wonder if Suzanne Collins or Jeff Kinney or Jan Brett are doing this, or something like it, right now. It seemed wholly indicative of the wonderfully exciting and mundane nature of my life right now. That my book can be right below Lauren Conrad’s on the bestseller list, but while she’s on the cover of Elle Magazine, I’m flipping through it at the grocery store while my kid bonks me in the face with her free giveaway balloon. And the truth is, I would not have it any other way. For real. Which, now that I think about it, is something worth announcing after a good throat clearing. Ahem!

I know I should wrap this up with that last line. It is a good closer. But I just have to add that my husband, who ran 25 miles this morning, just limped past me, groaning. “I….love….running…” he whispered as he shuffled past me. Snort. No pain, no…well, no pain isn’t a bad thing, actually. WHY does someone want to run that far if they are not being chased? This is the question I am not asking.

Have a good night, everyone!