The Five!

1. You know how Play-Doh cans declare, in really big letters, that their contents are NON-TOXIC? Ever wonder why? Because at some point, someone you know will eat some. Here at our house, it was my dog Monkey. He always eats my daughter’s food off her little table, so we have learned to move it. Today, though, it did not occur to me to also move the FAKE cookies she’d made from Play-Doh with her sitter. Big mistake. I’m out of the room five seconds, only to return to see him chewing. The platter they’d been on was licked clean. Uh-oh. Quick Google check says it won’t kill him. Whew! A few minutes later, he starts looking sort of queasy. Oh, dear. You guessed it: moments later, multicolored dog puke everywhere. Double ugh. And it wasn’t even 8am yet! Sigh. A half hour later, I still can’t shake the smell, even as I am driving toddler (late) to preschool. A story comes on NPR about The National Book Awards the night before. Authors talking about what it means to be a writer. And there’s me, still smelling play-doh puke, going down a country road and I start laughing like a crazy person. HAHAHAHAHHAHA! My daughter is watching from the backseat, confused. Yeah, I’m not sure what was so funny either. Life, I guess. You just have to laugh sometimes.

2. In other news, how great was Glee this week? Really! Just when I think it can’t get any better, they bring on Gwyneth Paltrow and have her sing Cee-Lo. I mean, come ON! She even made the clean version of that song sound great (and honestly, I’m partial to the original, although I probably shouldn’t admit that here). I love Gwyneth–have been obsessed with Sliding Doors since I saw it in the theatre, TWICE—but my husband hasn’t been much of a fan. But even HE liked her on Glee. Oh, I wish I could just bottle that show and take it with my multivitamin each day. I guess downloading the songs and listening to them on repeat is basically the same thing.

3. The cold I got last week is like the worst kind of houseguest: it just WILL NOT LEAVE. Sounding all hoarse and exotic was fun for a few days, but I’m ready to feel normal again, please. Coughing myself awake, sneezing six times in a row, watching people scatter when they see me coming, sniffling…I’m over it. Somehow, the person who gave me this thing (short, blonde, three) snapped out of it in two days flat. Kids are amazing that way. They were talking about natural cold remedies on GMA this morning and mentioned Neti-Pots. Sam Champion swears by them. I have always thought they were kind of gross—shooting water up your nose? really?—but I am sick enough of being sick I am willing to try it now. It’s either that or move into a bubble. And I bet bubbles are expensive. And kind of lonely.

4. Major milestone this week: my daughter had her first haircut. It was time. Her crazy mix of curls and Albert Einstein-style flyways had gotten so long and out of hand not even a brush could fix it. After checking out some salons just for kids (TVs! RaceCar chairs! Princess packages!) I decided to keep it simple and took her to my friend Kelly, who works at a local salon. She’s cut my hair before, she cuts my husband’s, and I’ve known her since high school, when we were in homeroom together. (My regular stylist is ALSO someone I went to high school with: I went to the PROM with him, actually. But this is just a coincidence, I promise, not a requirement. And yes, I know it’s kind of weird. Such is my life.) Anyway, we went up to Kelly’s, I sat my daughter in my lap, and she got to work. She snipped, Sasha ate some M&M’s, I tried not to get choked up as bits of baby hair came off. Did not succeed. Fifteen minutes later, she had a neat little head of hair, all curly and parted, with a little clip holding back the front. SOB! The clip lasted about ten seconds, but man was it cute. Another milestone, another lump in my throat. I am such a sap, I swear. What is about hair? We girls take it seriously. Or maybe everyone does.

5. In the midst of all the madness of this week, there has been one really amazing thing: peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. (What, you thought I was going to say something else?) My friend Courtney, who is a great baker—her cupcakes are legendary—brought over a bag of these amazing delicacies on Sunday, and they have singlehandedly been my saving grace ever since. Like Glee, a little bit of heaven and cheer, condensed down to cookie-size. Yay! I begged her for the recipe, and then thought I would share it with you, in case you might need a pick-me-up as well. She says she put in 3/4 cup of dark chocolate chips in as well. OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD. For reals. You can (and will) thank me later: here you go. I think I know what I’m doing this weekend…..

Have a good night, everyone!