Last year, I did an in-depth interview with a website called Authors 4 Teens. Unfortunately, it’s a subscription site, which means that in order to see the interview, you have to either pay or be somewhere where they have paid already. So it’s not exactly accessible. However, I felt like I should mention it anyway, in case any of you reading this are at a library or school that might subscribe and would like to check it out. Plus the guy that interviewed me, Don Gallo, is really cool, and I owe him big for including me.

If you DO get access to the site, you’ll be able to see my senior class picture (oh, the shame!) I have eighties hair, if you must know. I had a serious relationship with my curling iron back then. The worst part is that the people who run the site (who are very nice, I am sure) haven’t returned my pictures, so someone somewhere has my senior shot on their desk, bad hair and all. (Shudder.)