tidings of comfort and….

I’ve been so busy the last couple of days. You know, tying on my gingham check apron to make batches of gingerbread cookies. Roasting chestnuts. Wrapping gifts with homemade paper I stamp-printed myself, making home-cooked meals for dozens of people, all while maintaining happy Christmas cheer. Oh, excuse me! I think my hot apple cinnamon cider is ready!


Okay, okay. I can’t even keep going with that, because of course you KNOW what it’s really been like. House in disarray, toddler throwing tantrums, mad dashes to incredibly crowded grocery stores. Husband is sick, I’m still recovering from the Cold That Will Not Leave, and you know I don’t even have an apron, much less a gingham checked one. What am I. June Cleaver? Not quite. Still, though, I have to say, even with all the madness I love this time of year. I like Christmas Eve even more than Christmas. I guess it’s that sense of expectation. Plus everyone who’s been out and grumpy is finally done with their stuff, leaving only the cheerful procrastinators, and I LOVE those folks. How can you not?

AND they are calling for some snow here on Christmas. A white Christmas? In North Carolina? Whoa. Personally I’m just happy because so many family and friends are coming home, and I’ll get to see my high school girlfriends and their kids. On the flip side, I also need to be vigilant because this is the time of year that everyone ELSE I went to school with returns, and I seem to always see the guy I was crazy hot for in eighth grade at the gas station or grocery store. But I think as long as I am not wearing a gingham apron, I’ll be okay.

Maybe, INSTEAD of that, I’ll sport one of these:

Although I think that’s a BIT self promotional. Still, they are cute, right? Yay for local business Bread and Butter Screenprinting, which yet again came up with a great design for me. I think I am going to have to do some kind of fun giveaway of these in the new year, maybe with a galley of the new book or something. Hmmmm…..

Okay, but that’s LATER. Now is…well, pouring a glass of wine, frosting some (box-mix) cupcakes, and watching Love, Actually again. I wish you all the happiest of holidays, safe travels if you are going somewhere, stress-free home time if you’re not, and peace and joy regardless.

Have a good night, everyone!