the end of the year, and signing your name….

So here we are, in that weird space between Christmas and New Year’s. The visitors have gone home, the tree and decorations are down, and I have no idea what day it is. Seriously. I keep thinking it’s Sunday, like, EVERY day. Such are the holidays.

Really, though, it was a great Christmas. Lots of food and friends and family, laughing. Oh, yeah, and SNOW! I know up North they got seriously hit (and are still digging out) but we had enough to slow everyone and thing down here as well. Five inches, give or take, but that’s all we need for a serious state of emergency. Not even kidding: the governor declared one. For real! Now things are melting, a bit, but everything still being covered only fits in with this whole year-winding-down thing. There’s just a feeling of lull in these last waning days of December, like even the calendar has lost all its energy. Come Saturday morning, and 2011, we’ll all perk up. But until then: zzzzzzzzzzzz…….

Oh, but wait! I can’t snooze because I have work to do. My publisher sent me 3500 tip-in sheets to sign, and I really would like to get them done so I can devote the time I have help with the toddler to actual writing.

(Yes, my name is spelled wrong. What did I tell you? It’s the story of my life. But anyway.)

What are tip-in sheets, you ask? They are single sheets of paper that will be bound into copies of What Happened to Goodbye. I sign them, and voila!, signed copies. I did this with Lock and Key while I was pregnant, and Along for the Ride while I was sleep deprived. Now I’m here, watching Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (which is amazing) writing my name over and over and over and over again. Today, I decided to do about 1/8 of the box, which is about 437 or so:

So I set them aside, with some necessary accessories:

An hour or so later, I was done.

Which means I only have 3063, and 7 hours left to go. That’s not much, right?


I think we’re going to be needing more chocolate.

Truthfully, though, I like tip-ins, because it means that signed books are available even in places I don’t get to on tour. Plus, I love the idea of someone out there buying a book with a sheet in it that I signed while sitting here on the floor of my office, watching Joan Rivers, on the very same clipboard I took notes on in college. (True story!) Just like somewhere, out there, someone has on their shelf ones I signed when I was, like, ten months pregnant and exhausted and watching Friday Night Lights, or while I was yawning and listening to my baby on the monitor. My life to yours, courtesy of a simple sheet of paper. And lots of ink. And, um, chocolate.

I hope you all had a very happy holiday, and that the very best will come to you in 2011. I would LOVE to have all these sheets done by then, but since it’s already Tuesday (or Wednesday? Or Sunday?) I’m not sure it’s going to happen. But it will get done, this year or next. See, when I put it like that, it sounds easy!

Have a good night, everyone!