I was the FIRST person on board with this whole New Year, 2011, let’s-get-it-going-right-NOW thing. Then, of course, on Monday the true reality of being back at work, along with the rest of the world and all the attendant chaos and issues, hit me full force. Whoa. I know change is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean I have to love it every second, right? Hope not.

Right now, as I write this, I have just finished searching the playroom for my daughter’s toy drumsticks, which she is currently banging onto the drum at FULL VOLUME. I also unearthed several dust bunnies and some fuzzy objects I think were grapes, but am not entirely sure. It’s moments like this, when I am dealing with work stress on one side and moldy produce on the other, that I just have to try and stop to BREATHE and remind myself that it will all work out somehow. Even in the din and the noise. After all, it’s like The Fresh Beat Band is singing right this very second: “There’s no problem we can’t solve, if we put our heads together and get involved.” At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what they are singing. I can’t exactly hear them.

Anyway. Happy New Year! In honor of 2011, I thought I’d post a few questions I have, in the hopes of seeing them answered in the next twelve months. Here we go…

1. Will I ever be able to stretch out with my daughter in her bed while she dozes off without falling asleep myself?

2. Will Bret Michaels really be happy with just one Rock of Love? I mean, we know it is the mother of his children, but what about his history?

3. Will this be the year we see Lindsay Lohan make a major comeback and return to her glory as an awesome actress? See: Mean Girls, Freaky Friday. (Oh please, please!)

4. Can I somehow, in the next month of so, figure out how to get the makers of Friday Night Lights to do another season, even though this is the last one? (A girl can dream.)

5. Will I EVER be able to give up the unfortunate habit of eating cookies at 9am with my coffee, one I picked up over the holidays? I used to eat low-fat string cheese. Something tells me the Weight Watchers Points Plus values are not the same. Just a hunch.

6. Will I somehow, this year, be able to find that delicate balance between having a good internet presence and not missing out on things AND being sane and having a private life?

7. Will Toy Story 3, and the sobs I held in while watching it, forever prevent me from being able to take ANY of my daughter’s toys to Goodwill?

8. Is there ANY way for me to rig my bathroom mirror so it somehow makes clothes look as good as they do in the Anthropologie dressing room? What do they use? Magic angles? Special lighting? Voodoo?

9. Is it weird that I am already looking at beach houses for summer rentals and comparing prices for Havianas online?

10. Will 2011 be the year I stop asking questions, and start answering them?

Only time will tell. About Bret Michaels, and everything else. For now, though, I will embrace the unknown. Or, you know, obsess and stress about it. Whatever.

Have a good night, everyone!