I’m going to apologize in advance in case this entry seems….a little nutty. I’ve been home all day, as there is an inch of snow covered with a layer of ice on our road, and I MAY be going a bit bonkers. Since we got up at 6am, we’ve finger painted, played Pet Shop, organized the playroom, made a lemonade stand, watched a DVD about the San Diego Zoo three times, taken naps, and played school. And it’s not bedtime yet. Not even CLOSE. Thank goodness for coffee and pie, which got me through the last eleven hours. I am hoping wine and cheese will carry me through the next.

Anyway, I planned to write today, but with the road impassable it just wasn’t happening, so I had to find my creative outlet elsewhere. It helps that I have a toddler who loves to pretend. Pair that with my need to control SOMETHING when the weather is completely controlling me and you’ll understand why I just spent the last half hour carefully putting everything in place in her dollhouse. It’s a sickness, I swear. The minute I stop, I KNOW she will swipe a hand through everything, laughing maniacally. And yet, I can’t help myself. It’s the same thing that makes me pick up the playroom all day instead of waiting until the end and tackling the mess one time, all at once. I was so proud of what I accomplished in this latest endeavor that I had to document it. Again: I think I have cabin fever. Or a fever. Or disco fever.

Oh, dear.

Anyway, I decided that the dollhouse folks were snowed in as well. So this is how they spent THEIR day. The girls and a chicken were having wine and cookies and turkey by the Christmas tree:

The Buddha was taking a bath while Zoe from Sesame Street played him an ode on her tambourine:

The hedgehog family was hanging out with the little girl from the Loving Family while Daddy worked out on the treadmill:

While The Dudes and Tolee did what I REALLY wanted to do: packed up and headed for the beach:

Of course, in the time it has taken me to write this entry, all the above has most likely been destroyed. But in creating them, I am counting it as doing SOMETHING with my brain today. Now I will focus my mind powers on making this snow melt before I really go crazy.

Stay warm, everyone!