The Five!

1. Okay, so this is going to be an abbreviated five. And I didn’t update Wednesday. The upshot is it’s been a REALLY busy week, and while I love blogging and TV and celebrities, sometimes things happen that make you stop and realize how frivolous these things, and everything else you worry about that fills your head on a daily basis, really are. A dear friend lost a loved one this week, and I feel so, so helpless. I want to do something, ANYTHING, to help but of course you can’t do anything except just be there. And bring food—at least, that’s what we do down this way—-and I have done that. In fact, I think I will be baking and cooking all weekend, even if they BEG me not to bombard them with anymore foil-topped pans. In short, hug the ones you love. We’re all so lucky to have each other.

2. Also this week, my daughter came down with a fever for the approximately one MILLIONTH time since beginning preschool. (Or my friend Loring the Nanny calls it, “the germ swap.” I understand why, now.) It’s always stressful when someone you love is sick, but this one’s been particularly bad, as the fever keeps spiking and Tylenol, which normally does the trick, doesn’t bring it down much. Plus, there’s this awful, hacking cough. We went to the doc yesterday, where she tested negative for flu, and they gave us some antibiotics, but the cough is still going. She can’t sleep, which means I’m not sleeping, so we basically both emotional zombies. (On a side note, just as I wrote that, I thought, WOW, what a great band name. Emotional Zombies. You saw it here first!) I’m about to go steam up the bathroom and sit with her in it, as her vaporizer seems to help a BIT although not much. I know I can’t do cough medicine but if anyone has any great, natural remedies I would very much love to hear them. Anything other than hearing coughing would be nice right now.

3. Earlier this week, we shot an author video for WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE at a local restaurant here in Chapel Hill. Some of you might remember the other videos my publisher has had done, for Lock and Key and Along for the Ride. I always work with this great filmmaker Wil, who I adore and we have the best time. I was supposed to answer a bunch of random questions, but I was seriously bombing on the “free association” section the marketing folks at Penguin at written up. Wil would shout something like, “Photo booth!” at me and I was supposed to say the first thing that popped into my head, which was usually something like…”What?” It was a disaster. In panic, I tried to think of something equally irreverent where I wouldn’t look like a moron. Then it came to me: TWITTER! I sent out a plea for questions, serious or silly, and as usual, my readers came through. We got everything from “Where do you get your inspiration?” (Answer: anywhere and everywhere, honestly) to “What’s the capital of Montana?” (That would be Helena. Thank you, Google Search!) Again, I am so grateful to everyone who reads this blog and follows me there. You guys have no idea how much you help me on a daily basis. No joke.

4. Sometimes you see something on the web that just puts you at a total loss for words. That’s what happened to me when the superfab Sara Zarr tweeted a link to these photos of Luke Perry at Dragoncon. What is Dragoncon, you might ask? Or maybe not. But I did. It’s a sci-fi, gaming and comics convention. And apparently, Luke Perry, who I am, well, pretty much obsessed with since his 90210 days, was there taking photos with fans. Which prompted two questions. If there was a chance to stand next to Luke Perry and get a picture 1) how did I not know about it and 2) could it BE more unfair that I wasn’t there? I mean, look at this. People are actually cuddling with him!!! I can’t stand it. I won’t look again. Okay, maybe once….

5. I owe you a five, but the truth is, I need to go sit with my kid in a steamy bathroom while I put Vapor Rub on her feet and pray to the Gods of Sleep that this cough stops so she can get some rest. So if it’s okay, just insert your own little piece about FNL or the App Store or a good book or something to eat right here. I’ll wait. Got one? Oh, good. So now I can say…

Have a good weekend, everyone!