I know, I know, I just updated yesterday. But I have dating advice!

Okay. Scratch that. I can’t pretend I can give anyone dating advice (or any advice, really) even if that IS what this piece I wrote for Cosmogirl.com sort of claims. My friend Bianca, back in her single days, used to just roll her eyes when I offered her ANY insight. “You haven’t dated since the eighties!” she’d remind me, and this is true. I married a boy I met in high school, I can’t deny it.

Really, though, this piece isn’t about dating as much as boys. Specifically, it’s about the boys I’ve loved and lost over the last ten books: Sumner, Macon, Norman, Rogerson, Dexter, Wes, Owen, Nate, Eli and Dave. When it comes to lots of real relationships, I’m no expert. But these boys? I know them well. Hope you like it!