Okay, so I MEANT to update yesterday, but I was too busy watching PBS and walking old ladies across the street. Fine, I was eating pigs in a blanket and watching the Superbowl. And by “watching,” I mean “stuffing my face and talking about jeans with my girlfriends while a game went on, distantly, on a TV across the room.” Hey, we all enjoy things in our own way, right?

Because the key IS enjoyment, especially here in winter. I’m choosing to focus on positives lately, and here’s one: it’s already February 7th! Which means Valentine’s Day is a week from now, which means chocolate. You can’t go wrong with that. Other great things? Well, there’s….

1. The new Glee from last night, post-Superbowl, which I have NOT yet watched and so is waiting for me on my DVR like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yes!

2. Smoked almonds, which are, like, my snack KRYPTONITE, are on sale this week at my local grocery store for buy one, get one free. If you buy smoked almonds you know what a deal this is. I have bought so many cans I am like a squirrel hoarding for the winter. Yum!

3. I just started reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom—courtesy of my friend Dana—and it’s just SO good already. Don’t you just love that feeling of only being a few pages into a great book and there’s still, like, HUNDREDS more to go?

4. I found Gabe. And yes, I am still reveling in that accomplishment. Check back next week, I MIGHT be over it by then. Or, not.

5. I got a new paper shredder today. NERD ALERT! But seriously, I had a great one but it was too small. The basket/drawer filled up super fast, and when you opened it tiny pieces of paper flew everywhere. Fail! Now I have this big tall one right in our dining room, so I can carry mail DIRECTLY from the mailbox and shred the junk en route to the kitchen. Is it weird that I have a shredder in my dining room? And a printer? It is? Oh. But did I mention I can shred EN ROUTE TO MY KITCHEN?

6. The finale of Friday Night Lights airs on DirecTV this week. Okay, so this isn’t exactly a positive. In fact, it’s heartbreaking. But it’s also so totally great because it’s been an amazing show, and a great final season, and I just know that the folks at FNL will wrap things up exactly how they need to be. So I will be watching, with my tissues, and I will feel super grateful that such a show ever existed, even if I wasn’t quite successful in my efforts to get the Entire World to watch it. But I tried.

7. I have already purchased gorgeous wedge shoes for my book tour. They are Dolce Vita and I LOVE THEM and yes, it’s early to have book tour shoes, but again: you do what you have to do in February. Personally I am not above putting on flip flops if that’s what it takes to remind me that this season will not last forever.

8. We got more Team Dessen Race Cars shirts printed up, on American Apparel T-shirts. They are fitted and cute and I am going to figure out how to do a giveaway to celebrate the beginning of the racing season. Free stuff: who doesn’t love that?

9. Five words everyone loves to hear: Girl Scout Cookies are in!

10. This:

I STILL get blown away when I think about my books being translated into languages I can’t even read. Whoa. Double whoa!

Okay, so that’s just ten things. I could go on and on, but….I have to go watch PBS and help people across the street. No, really!

Have a good night, everyone!