The Friday Five!

1. Yes, this is an ACTUAL Friday Five, as I am writing it LIVE, right this very moment, in the midst of morning chaos here at my house. My daughter and I are playing Lemonade Stand, Sam Champion is about to virtual-box Kelly Ripa on my beloved GMA, and Wow Wow Wubbzy is on in the playroom. We will see how this goes. Good morning!

2. The big news for me is that they announced the speakers for the BEA Children’s Breakfast and….I’m one of them. (You can check out the full lineup here.) I’ve known about this for a couple of weeks, but could not tell a SOUL. Also, I was not entirely sure I believed it was true (I mean, I’m going to be breathing the same air as JULIANNE MOORE, hello!) until I saw it in print. But apparently, it is. It’s also a huge honor, and I’m thrilled. And nervous. About what I’m going to say, and what I’m going to wear. Luckily, my superstylish friend Dana is on the case, already trolling all her favorite shopping sites for possibilities. The speech, though, is up to me. Yikes!

3. In other news, I just saw a story on GMA about how some friends of one of the girls from Teen Mom 2 on MTV have recently gotten pregnant as well. They insist it’s NOT because they’ve seen their friend get fame and fortune from the show, but it’s hard not to wonder if that wasn’t part of the incentive. I am not one who preaches, as I am so flawed I have no room to talk about, well, anything. But I WILL say that being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. And I did it at 37, with a job and a husband and family support and resources. It is not for wimps, and most of us will not end up on the cover of US Weekly for doing it. Nor should we, really. It’s funny, because watching Teen Mom I’ve always felt that it would make you LESS likely to think of having a kid as glamourous. But maybe I’m wrong? Okay, back to pop culture now…

4. The series finale of Friday Night Lights was Wednesday night. I have it on two different DVRs (because I couldn’t trust this kind of history to just one, you know). But I haven’t been able to watch it yet. Because when I watch it, then it’s over for real. As long as I don’t, there’s still one episode. I know, I know. This is called denial. And this weekend, I will sit down when I know I have a quiet hour, free of all interruptions, with my box of tissues and I will watch it. *sniff* *sob* *sigh*

5. This weekend is the first official race for my friend Evan and the racecar team, down at CMP in South Carolina:

It’s been a long, cold winter and everyone is MORE than ready to get back on the track. I will not be there (this time) as I have a daughter to chase around after. (Said daughter is, at this writing, running around in her bathing suit, a pair of leggings, a cardigan sweater and a paper crown. Clearly, I need to get HER to help me pick out my outfit for BEA. But I digress.) To celebrate this beginning, I think it’s time for a T-shirt giveaway. We got some totally great ones made up:

And I think they need to go wider. SO to enter:


1. send an email to sarah at sarahdessen dot com. (US residents only, please. We will try to do a wider one depending on how this goes, promise!)

2. put the word TSHIRT in the subject line, and your name and mailing address in the body of the email. Also include your T-shirt size: S, M, L, XL, Youth Medium, or fitted S or fitted M.

3. You will get an autoresponse. That’s how you’ll know we got your email!

4. We will accept entries until midnight Sunday, then pick seven winners AT RANDOM on Monday morning. Good luck!

Okay, my daughter is now INSISTING I go upstairs to play beach. Duty calls….

Have a good weekend, everyone!