And the winners are…..

A quick entry to say HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Here’s wishing you chocolate, and more chocolate. Oh, and love too. But they are often the same, at least in my mind. Probably shouldn’t admit that.

What I REALLY want to say, however, is that we picked our seven winners of the T-shirt giveaway. in the end we had over 430 entries, which totally blew my mind. I selected the winning emails totally at random. Without further ado, the winners are…..

Raquel B. from NJ

Windy A. from UT

Kelly A. from CO

Ashley M. from LA

Carolyn S. from NY

Tori C. from NC

Angie F. from GA

If you won, look for your shirt in the mailbox soon! If you didn’t, never fear. This giveaway went so well I think I will have to start doing them on a regular basis.

Have a good night, everyone!