I’m having trouble trying to figure out a calm, stress-free, creativity fueled time to write my blog entries. This may be because I don’t have any calm, stress-free, creativity fueled times. I tried to write it in the morning, but the chaos of husband, toddler, two barking dogs and the day beginning was just too much. I did it for awhile in the afternoon after my writing time, but my brain is so taxed by then I can barely form decent sentences. If I try to do it around dinnertime, there is, well…dinner to deal with, along with aforementioned toddler, husband and dogs. So when? Maybe I need to set an alarm and get up at, like, 2:30 am or something. Then I’d have the whole place to myself. And I’d probably fall asleep and drool all over my keyboard. Sigh….

Anyway. I have nine minutes before my sitter leaves so for better or worse, here I am.

I have written here before that I am a person who does not embrace change all that readily. I live in my hometown. I married a guy I met when I was 15. And so on. But this new year, professionally, has been ALL about Big Changes and I am trying do to as REO Speedwagon says and roll with them, but it’s not easy. First, early this year, my beloved publicist Allison, who has worked with me since The Truth About Forever, left Penguin for another job. SOB! I was so, so sad to see her go, even though I knew it was a good thing for her, as she needed a change as well. But now I have this book coming out and no Allison, and it makes me nervous. I know, I know, I will be fine. But again: hometown. Met husband at 15. I am trying to roll, though.

Also in the new year, my agent left HER longtime agency to go to a new place. I am going with her, but it is ANOTHER Big Change, but a good one, for her and for me. Again, though: YIKES! I keep having this urge to grab on to the dashboard of this car that is my life and say, “Slow it down!” But of course, that is not an option. People move on, things change, life is always in flux, whether you feel the ground shift beneath your or not. Right now, plates are pulling apart and pushing together way, way under the earth’s crust. (Okay, maybe I shouldn’t think about that. Am getting nervous. Or more nervous.) Maybe if I didn’t have a book coming out in a few months, with the attendant pressures of that, this would all not be such a big deal. But it is what it is, so I will adapt. I mean, it’s not like I have a choice, right?

Finally, I have to share this story. I was at Whole Foods today with Sasha, and when we got out of the car I saw this woman with a toddler, walking away from speaking with a police officer who was parked nearby. She looked a little upset so I said, “Everything okay?” She told me her daughter had locked herself in the car and she’d had to call the cops, but then the baby managed to unlock the door. I said, “OH MY GOD, I just did that a few weeks ago!” She looked at me. “Really?” she said. I nodded. “And what’s more,” I told her, “so many people have done it. I mean, you have NO idea. It’s like a rite of passage it’s so common.” She looked really relieved. And the baby was fine, smiling. All was well. But man, I felt her pain. Talk about stressful. Luckily, though, she was right there at Whole Foods. So hopefully she went in and got a cookie to calm her nerves. It’s the least you can do in that kind of situation.

OOPS! My babysitter was due to leave four minutes ago. Gotta run!

Have a good night, everyone!