Oh, man. I got sucked into ANOTHER reality TV show. How did this happen?

Okay, I know how it happened. My friend Dana, who is also my arbiter of style—if you like any shoes or dresses I am wearing on booktour, more likely than not she selected them—is a big fan of the Bachelor. She could not understand how I, as someone who loves TV, was not watching it as well. I told her I’d tried, but just couldn’t get into it—mostly because my husband was groaning too loudly to hear anything. “You have to!” she persisted. “It’s like Rock of Love, but with better clothes!” There’s also the fact that Jennifer Weiner, an author I adore, is obsessed with it. I mean, two people I admire can’t be wrong, right?

Fine, I thought. I’ll try one more time. So this weekend, while I had the house to myself—nobody groaning—I pulled the premiere of this season up on Hulu and left it on while I prepped some stuff for dinner. By the time my salad vegetables were chopped, I was IN. I know, I know. I am WEEKS behind and thanks to US Weekly I already know who has been cut. But you know what? It doesn’t even MATTER. I still love it.

Oh, it’s just too humiliating to even admit this. In my defense, can I remind you that I am also reading Jonathan Franzen’s FREEDOM (which is fantastic) and just finished listening to Amy Chua’s BATTLE HYMM OF THE TIGER MOTHER (thanks to the commenter who pointed out I had a HUGE typo there—fixed now!) on audio? I DO engage my brain in other ways. I promise you. And really, we just can’t be hard on ourselves, can we? My husband accidentally gave my daughter a dog biscuit this morning instead of a cookie. Did I judge? No. Did I laugh? I am STILL laughing. But i digress….

In other news, this week we start talking about my book tour for WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE. (Which, incidentally, will be out in 79 Days. Thank you, Countdown App!) From what I’ve heard, the publicity folks at Penguin MIGHT be sending me to some cities I haven’t been to before, which is very exciting. I’m also going to be doing some festivals, which are new to me as well. Planning a tour is always stressful, because you want to get as many places and see as many people as possible, but there’s also the stickiness of balancing all that travel with your sanity and health. Laurie Halse Anderson has mastered the SUPER tour, staying gone for weeks at a time and traveling only with a carry-on (something Ally Carter does as well) but I am not setting the bar that high. I have a toddler I can’t be away from for more than a few nights without turning into a sobbing mess, and I am way too neurotic to only pack one outfit choice per day. So yes, that WILL be me you may see sniffling at a crowded baggage claim at your local airport come May and June. If you do, please don’t judge. Please?

Okay, I’m off to make the most of this weekend by fixing some pigs in a blanket for the hot dog party we are having tonight. Will I watch the Bachelor while I wrap crescent rolls around little smokies? What do YOU think?

Have a good night, everyone!