My blogging schedule is so messed up right now. In fact, I don’t even HAVE a schedule anymore. I’m telling myself that this is me just Being in the Moment, Going With It and Letting Go. But really I’m just so busy I don’t have a choice.

There’s also the fact that lately the comments section of this, my beloved almost TEN year old blog, has been hit hard lately by spammers. Which STINKS. I could cut down on it by only allowing comments from registered LiveJournal users, but I know a lot of you regular commenters don’t have accounts and probably don’t want to sign up just to comment once in awhile. But as is, I’m spending WAY too much time deleting pharmaceutical ads (and the occasional porn ad, which is SO upsetting as I know some younger folks read this). My awesome website guys at Neural 9 have said we could easily move the blog over to my site, and have an RSS feed there, but I’m worried people would stop reading if I left LJ. Dilemma! Plus there’s the fact that I totally can’t figure out my own Google Reader thing, so can I really expect other people to?

(On that note, does anyone know how to get an RSS feed of Meg Cabot’s blog? Mine no longer works and I really, really WANT it to! And here I like to think I’m tech-savvy. Apparently not.)

Oh, I just don’t know what to do. Especially since I am typing this as my daughter—who promised to give me ten minutes of peace if I let her watch Team Umizoomi—is totally not holding up her end of the bargain. She is demanding to make muffins, or go outside, or play with glitter pens. Or, you know, all three. She’s flexible….as long as she has my full attention.

If you, however, have a moment of peace (or two, or even three! Jealous!) and have any bright ideas about the spam/RSS/official website blog thing, let me know. I hate that LJ might not work for me anymore, as you KNOW I do not like change. But it seems to be inevitable lately. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? Hmmm….

Have a good day, everyone!