The Five!

1. Whew. It’s Thursday, not even the end of the week yet, although it feels like it. Today I had a BIG conference call to discuss tour and promotion for What Happened to Goodbye, which was very exciting and required massive NASA-like scheduling to achieve. (Preschool drop-off and pickup: the world revolves around it. Not sure you knew that, but now you do.) Then, when I was finally exhaling and making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the toddler, my little dog Coco had a seizure. It’s not the first time—she’s actually on medication to control them—but I’d only seen her do it once before, and it was not as scary as the one today. It’s just really awful to see something so small twitching and breathing hard and know there is NOTHING you can do but just sit there and reassure them. Which is more difficult when you have a very impressionable three and a half year old watching Little Bear in the next room who really, really doesn’t need to see ANYONE have a seizure, much less a dog she adores. Anyway, after what felt like forever it was over, she came out of it—a bit wobbly—but okay. I took her to the vet, where she checked out fine and we were told just to keep a close eye. All’s well that ends well, right? But it just goes to show that when you THINK you have something big to worry about, it turns out to be not even the biggest thing that happens that day. Man, life is a wild ride. And I don’t like rides! Oh, well…

2. Thanks to everyone who weighed in after my last entry about the blog, and whether to move it from here on LJ to my site or not. Thanks to your input, I realized I could put a CAPTCHA on comments to prevent some of the spam, which is a good temporary solution, but I think I need to have a long-term change as well. My website guy, Mark, thinks we can make the blog REALLY awesome using WordPress on my site, and he guarantees I will like the interface. Have I told you, though, how I feel about change? Suffice to say, things WILL probably be changing here, but not right away. And ideally I’ll be able to still post here AND there and, well, everywhere. Stay tuned.

3. I realized the other day that I have an UNUSED Sephora gift card, from Christmas, in my wallet. This is SO not like me. Normally if I have gift cards anywhere they are spent within twenty four hours of me receiving them, but for some reason I can’t seem to GET over to my store. I know, I know, there’s a website, it’s great. But with makeup you kind of have to try things on, and compare them. And so it sits. And sits. But now that I’m aware of it, it’s driving me NUTS so–barring preschool or seizure issues—I am going to try and get there this weekend. I think it’s time for a new lipstick, anyway. I need one that is long-lasting, doesn’t dry out your lips, and comes in endless varieties of pinky-brown. If you have one, fill me in!

4. You know how much I love Glee. Like, crazy love it. But did anybody else feel like this week’s episode was kind of…weird? Maybe it was the week I was having. Entirely possible. But all the drinking, and the drunk dialing, and the, um, vomiting? Not sure what that was all about. I have to give them credit though, as they NEVER bore me. Maybe I just need to watch it again. Although with the vomiting, I’m not sure….

5. Speaking of Glee, it’s because of it that I actually first heard a fair amount of Lady Gaga. Before they did a show all about her music, I just didn’t…get her. Or something. In fact, I may STILL not get her, but I have a new appreciation for her songs. The thing is, I actually sort of enjoy covers of them—like Glee’s “Poker Face”—more than the originals. Which I guess says more about me than her music, but whatever. For instance, when I first heard “Born this Way,” all I could think was that it sounded a LOT like Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” I couldn’t get past it, and thus didn’t pay much attention to the words. But then, today on GMA, they had this little girl who did a cover that became this huge hit on YouTube. And it just made me stop everything I was doing to listen. (Which is saying something, as I am constantly multitasking. I swear even when I sleep I am running through lists in my head.) Anyway, in case YOU haven’t paid attention to the words closely either and would like to, here it is:

Off to pet my little dog now. Have a good weekend, everyone!