Quick update here, on this Monday morning, when my head is swimming for several reasons. First, there’s the fact that my daughter was up every two hours last night, coughing and needing my attention. Then there’s the post-Oscar roundup, which I am trying to watch even though I missed most of the awards due to the fact that I went to bed at 9:30 (I think I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping much, somehow). Then throw into the mix that I woke up all blurry and sleep-deprived, only to see Charlie Sheen on GMA having what looks like some sort of extended manic episode. Clearly I am not the only one whose brain is a bit muddled right now.

I just don’t know what to think about Charlie. The way he’s acting now reminds me WAY too much of when Britney went through her public breakdown, complete with renegade interviews (with Matt Lauer, remember?) and shaving her head, and attacking cars with umbrellas. It’s hard to watch because you know they’re sick, somehow, and need help, and yet they are not getting it. I think it’s ironic that during a break in the midst of the Charlie craziness this morning on GMA, they featured an ad from Britney, announcing a live performance next month. She’s somehow pulled it together: hopefully he can, too. It just makes me sad for his family and especially his kids. Can’t be easy to watch.

Okay, I need to stop writing about this. Probably need to stop writing altogether. Sleep deprivation makes me, in a word, NUTS. When my daughter was an infant I couldn’t even put two words together. I was a danger to myself and others. But she’s three and a half now! Shouldn’t sleep (or lack of it) no longer be a problem?

No, says my mother. And, to add insult to injury (or sleeplessness to sleeplessness) this issue isn’t going away anytime soon. “But eventually,” I argued, “she’ll sleep later, and not wake up so much. She has to!” My mom considered this. Then: “Well, perhaps. But, see, then she’ll be out late with her friends, or not calling when she should, and you STILL won’t be sleeping.”

See, these are the things people don’t tell you when you’re all pregnant and rubbing your belly and, “Ah, I am the miracle of life, behold me.” When I see women in that phase now, carrying their first and worrying about burp cloths and birthing classes, I just want to say, “WHY AREN’T YOU SLEEPING RIGHT NOW?”

*reads over entry, slowly, with bleary eyes*

Okay, now I DO sound like Charlie Sheen, i.e. a bit unhinged. Time to sign off. Will update again once I get some sleep. Which will be….well, someday. Maybe?

Have a good Monday, everyone!