The Five!

In Blog

1. I just deleted MORE spam entries from the comments here. Which means that adding a CAPTCHA (i.e. that annoying thing where you have to write in the letters you see, even if you can’t always tell WHAT they say–or maybe that’s just me?) did not solve the problem of people peddling pharmaceuticals and other things on the blog. Sigh. SIGH. Oh, LiveJournal, I have been with you almost ten years! But tomorrow I am meeting with my fab web design guys to talk about moving the blog over to my site and using WordPress. Don’t worry, LJ folks: I will make SURE we can do a feed here or provide some other easy link. But it’s going to be the end of an era! And you know what that means: lots of LJ nostalgia in the lead-up to the switch. Maybe I should do a greatest hits, or a montage kind of thing, set to something like, “I Will Remember You,” or “Time of Your Life.” Hmmm. Anyway, it won’t be happening immediately and ideally, you won’t notice THAT much of a difference. Until then, prepare for me to be more sentimental than usual. You have been warned.

2. I am currently multitasking as I write this, trying to also get my daughter to eat a decent dinner. She is lobbying for a lollipop, her newest addiction, and I am telling her that she needs to eat some actual FOOD before I will even consider that. I swear, her palate is so limited it’s ridiculous: peanut butter and jelly, bananas, canned green beans and carrots, ham, chicken nuggets, cereal, macaroni and cheese, and alphabet soup. Oh, and any cracker or cookie. I know, I know: Michelle Obama would NOT approve. I see kids out at restaurants eating all kinds of stuff and think: why, why, WHY can’t I get her to venture out a bit? I was at a sushi place and saw a kid her age eating seaweed salad. SEAWEED! And this one won’t even eat string cheese. Or mashed potatoes. Isn’t that, like, a rule, that as a kid you have to like those things? I can hear my wiser Mom friends right now, though, saying it again: “Don’t live laterally. Your kid is your kid.” (Thank you, writer Leah Stewart, who gave me this mantra to repeat, endlessly.) My mother maintains that my brother, who is now the healthiest eater I know (vegetarian, whole grains, formerly macrobiotic) once subsisted on Ho-hos for breakfast and canned Vienna sausages the rest of the day. So maybe there is hope?

3. I think I’ve written here already about how my local Borders is one of the ones that is closing. I wasn’t a regular there, but I did go in with my daughter from time to time, as she loved the children’s section. We went back the other day and it just made me so sad. Everything’s on sale and picked over, and I just wanted to buy ALL the books that were left, they looked so bereft. I mean, there was Goodnight, Moon! And some Pigeon books! And Knuffle Bunny Free! I told the woman who was working the children’s section that the whole thing made me so sad, and she nodded. She said she felt like she’d spent all this time sculpting this perfect thing, this great place for kids, and now she was having to watch it just get dismantled right before her eyes. I’m not here to preach but I will say, love your local bookstores. They need it. I’m still haunted by this one Leslie Patricelli book (Higher! Higher!) sitting alone on the shelf, hoping for a home. See, there I go, being WAY too sentimental again. *sniffle*

4. In encouraging news (and don’t we all need that) today at the grocery store, I saw lawn chairs and potting soil piled up outside for sale. YES! We are getting closer, closer to spring. I can feel it—even though it’s going to be in the twenties tonight. NO MATTER! Another sign of warmer times coming: today, my husband and I went out and cleaned out our pond pump and filter, pulled out all the leaves, and got it running. Which is great, because I was really thinking our feng shui was suffering since it had been turned off. (Yes, I realize I sound like a crazy person. But I do believe in that stuff. I just…do.) I’m happy, the fish are happy, and I can hear the waterfall at night again. Now it hopefully just won’t freeze over again…

5. It’s March, the final Duke-Carolina game is this weekend, and you know what that means: it’s almost Tourney Time! (When I mentioned this on Twitter, I was actually asked WHO I pull for, Duke or Carolina. Let me say now, and always: CAROLINA! I am a Chapel Hill girl since I was three. There is NO OTHER OPTION. At least for me.) This also means that Laurie Halse Anderson (author of SPEAK, WINTERGIRLS, FORGE and many other amazing books) and I will be reprising our basketball challenge. She pulls for Georgetown: I love my Tar Heels. We have agreed, again, that if your team goes out first, you must donate a signed book to the other person’s local library. So in a couple of weeks, get your brackets ready. YA and basketball: it is ON!

Have a good weekend, everyone!