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Remember a few weeks back, when I was stressing out about the videos we were shooting for the new book? (I know, I am always stressing out here about something. But this was particularly notable. At least for me. For you, it probably all runs together, I know.)

ANYWAY, it all went fine, and now two videos are up, one on the WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE Amazon page (scroll down to see it) and on YouTube:

Please don’t dwell TOO much on how crazy I look above, as I hold up my phone like I am about to throw it at you. I think I just got a bit too excited about the whole “taking questions from Twitter” thing. Penguin of course HAD to choose that pose as the one everyone will see before clicking. Oh, well….

Okay, back to our mountain family vacation. LOVE Asheville!

Have a good day, everyone!