I’m writing this at the end of a perfect March weekend. It’s warm and sunny and still really light outside (thank you, Daylight Savings!). I watched a lot of great basketball (even though my team lost the final game) hung with good girlfriends and got alternately suspenseful and hilarious updates from Road Atlanta, where my husband and my friend Evan were racing the Along for the Ride and Lock and Key cars, respectively. Now, my daughter is pouring water to make puddles on the deck, then jumping in them as the dogs bark at the deer passing through the back yard.

And yet, of course, across the world, terrible tragedy is unfolding, minute by minute. Ever since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I’ve felt this horrible sense of guilt for enjoying ANYTHING while so many are suffering. How DO you find that balance between living in the moment and being happy for all you have and yet still being aware and empathetic to those in pain or need? I know, I know, I am by FAR not the first person to ask this question, and maybe there is no good answer. I just know that writing about the Real Housewives or Charlie Sheen or The Bachelor (or even watching basketball) doesn’t feel the same.

I’m not sure where I am going with this. Just saying it, I guess.

Anyway. This week, I shift BACK into professional mode, taking my first work trip since the fall. Which means I have to Up My Game and Not Dress Like I Normally Do. As in, looking a bit better than when I go to Whole Foods. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m in New York I’m blown away by how good people look. The fashion! The hair! I remember, years ago, I was walking to a dinner in New York when this couple stepped in front of me. I couldn’t see their faces, only their backs, but the woman looked SO PERFECT—her hair, her little black dress, strappy heels—that I have never forgotten it. It’s like this glamorous image I can’t shake. Who knows what this woman was really like, her life, any of that. It’s just like one of those snapshots you remember. Especially when you are surveying your own winter-damaged hair and the circles under your eyes from having a toddler who is a super early riser. Thank goodness for concealer, is all I have to say.

I mentioned earlier that my race cars were at Road Atlanta this weekend. I know some of you are like, “I don’t get the race car thing,” and I have to say, I hear you. I don’t know NASCAR from the Indy 500 (okay, I do NOW, but before my husband got into this I was clueless) and I really just signed onto sponsor these cars because I thought it would be fun to see my covers on the hoods. But now, I feel myself getting totally sucked in. This weekend, it was a blown head gasket on the Along for the Ride car, but every time it is something crazy, and the people I’ve met so far from the various races and tracks have been GREAT. Who knew there could be crossover between YA and BMW racing? Not me. Anyway, if you want to know more, we’ve set up a Facebook Fan page for the cars
here and I’m hoping to set up a Twitter account as well. I’d also LOVE to do a local event here in Chapel Hill with the cars parked out front so we can give away T-shirts. It might be crazy, but it is just MY kind of crazy. Gotta love that.

Okay, my daughter just spilled spaghetti sauce all over herself. So much for the idyllic Sunday. Duty calls….

Have a good night, everyone!