I need to be packing for my trip tomorrow. But….

1) I spent the morning at the Museum of Life and Science with my daughter and my mom, racing down the dinosaur trail, looking at snakes, goats and bears, and while it was fun, I am exhausted.

2) My husband keeps sending me videos from StumbleUpon that feature a dog jumping on a trampoline, or riding in a kiddie swing, and while I KNOW they are silly and time wasters, I CANNOT LOOK AWAY. So cute! The dog is bouncing!

3) I got the BEST assignment from the publicity folks at Penguin for an upcoming thing they are planning, and it basically REQUIRES me to look at shopping sites online. I mean, if it’s work, I can’t say NO, can I? Of course not.

4) I’m entirely distracted by the fact that even after the Bachelor finale, I can’t really tell if Brad and Emily are still together, or even happy. It’s my first time watching so maybe there is something I’m missing, a way to tell based on whether other pairings lasted or not? If so, clue me in, because I’m lost.

5) The world is so scary now, with all the news from Japan and elsewhere, that really all I WANT to do is watch a dog jump on a trampoline. Which makes me a totally rotten person, I know. But there it is.

6) I’m too busy checking the page for the design contest we’re having for our next round of Dessen Racing Spec E30 T-shirts over on 99designs.com. Are you a designer? Feel like taking a shot? Check it out here.

7. IF I start packing, then I have to start thinking about how I am the last person in the world (or so it feels) who still checks a bag when they fly. Does everyone else really carry on? Don’t you get tired of dragging your suitcase to the bathroom with you if you have to go? And what about liquids? Oh, I’m going to look at more shoes on Bluefly.

8. Packing involves somehow deciding what I am actually going to wear, and I hate everything in my closet right now. Okay, maybe not my rain boots and my Theory pants. But I think, even in New York, I need to wear more than that.

9. Ummmmmm……

Okay, I am out of excuses. Which means I guess I have to get down to it. Blogging will probably be sporadic for the rest of the week, but I’ll be back when I can. In the meantime, here’s that dog on the trampoline. You’re welcome.

Have a good day, everyone!