The Five!

1. Okay, so this Five is going to be scattered, and for that I apologize. My daughter came down with some kind of crazy cold/flu bug that busted out of nowhere and hit like a tidal wave. WHOA! Runny nose, fever spiking, terrible cough, up all night. You know the drill. I am literally seeing trails off of everything I am so sleep deprived right now. But at least SHE is feeling better this morning. Me…wait, what was I saying?

2. Oh, right! The Five. In other numbers news, the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight are decided this weekend, and already my bracket is shot. First Pitt went out, which I had picked to go to the Final Four, and now Duke is out as well. Duke! You might be thinking, why would you, SUCH the UNC fan, pick Duke to go to the Final Four? Well, because we had to play them three times this year. I don’t have to like them, but I do sort of have to admit they are a really, really good team. Which, apparently, lost last night while I was immersed in pairing Motrin and Tylenol and managing vaporizers. Whoa.

3. You know how your life seems to go in phases, the same things happening again and again? The last two weeks, for me, have been all about the car swap. Call it vehicle karma or whatever, but just about EVERYTHING has had to be in the shop, or loaned out, which means coordinating this intricate system of, “Okay, I’ll follow you there and then give you a ride here and then, later, we’ll reverse it and….” I think it’s a testament to my tired brain that all of these logistics are enough to put me over the edge. I am drowning in scheduling, even WITHOUT all these new wrinkles. I’ve read that out in LA and other cities they have services where, if you have a drink and need a ride but don’t want to leave your car, someone arrives via scooter, folds it up and puts it in your trunk, then drives you home, retrieves it, and takes off, leaving you and your car in the same place. I’m thinking I need to develop a service like this for auto repair. Although we live SO far out a scooter isn’t exactly a viable transport option, unless you have a lot of time. Maybe one of those super small cars you could then tow or something? Oh, God. Why am I even thinking about this? No idea…

4. Thanks to everyone for your positive responses to the tour dates I posted. I know, I know, I’m not coming to several places I’ve usually hit in the past, like CA and FL, and I’m not making it to Canada, AGAIN. I wish I could go everywhere. (Actually, I don’t wish that, because I’d miss my family WAY too much. But you know what I mean.) Tours are intricate things, which is why I have been lucky to have such good publicists who know what they are doing. While I will miss the places I’ve come to know, I’ve never been to Colorado, Nebraska OR Utah, so I’m kind of excited about finally seeing them. I just hope those of you who are there will come out and say hello. Even if I’m not coming to you, I promise the tour will be covered here on the blog, so it will be LIKE you were there. Virtually. You know what I mean.

5. Okay, one last thing: again, I need your help. So we’re developing a new round of T-shirts for Dessen Racing, and we can’t decide between three designs. (I’m also doing some shirts for What Happened to Goodbye, more on that—and some giveaways!—coming up in the next few weeks.) We narrowed it down to five, then to three of the five, but now we are stuck. So I’m going to post them here, and if you have a sec, weigh in:

Here’s Design #1:

And #4:

And #5:

Thanks for your help. Oh, toddler’s sneezing. Gotta go!

Have a good weekend, everyone!