I know, I know, I am BEHIND on the blog. But I have a good reason:

I’m at the beach, soaking up some family time before everything speeds up with the paperback release of Along for the Ride (a week from today!) and the pub day for What Happened to Goodbye (on May 10th, in a little over a month, oh, my goodness). It’s a bit chilly (we had frost last night) but I so don’t even care. I’m just happy, happy to be here. Although I think I have already eaten my weight in french fries and onion rings. But so it goes…

Of course, the news is not all good. My beloved Tarheels lost to Kentucky on Sunday afternoon, ending the basketball season for them and for me. SIGH. But what a great run! Especially considering we, um, didn’t even get a bid to the tournament last year. Now, though, I am faced with the dilemma of not knowing who to pull for to go all the way. I am leaning towards VCU, because I know a lot of folks from Richmond and/or who went there, but it’s so hard to pick someone once my guys are out. Personally I’m so exhausted from the stress of the season I will have to rally to watch any more games. But of course I will do it, for the team. Even if it’s not MY team. SIGH.

Finally, thanks to everyone who weighed in on our T-shirt designs for Dessen Racing. it was SO HARD to pick a favorite, as each one had its fans, but in the end, after MUCH debate, we went with number #4, which incorporated all of our favorite elements:

I’m hoping to do a giveaway with these at some point, and also bring some with me on book tour (if my luggage can stand it). One thing I learned teaching undergraduates at UNC: everyone loves a free T-shirt. That, and free food. If I promised a T-shirt AND food to my students for showing up at an event on campus, they would STORM the joint. True story!

Now, I have to go, so I can look for dolphins, bundle up to go pick up shells with my daughter AND, um, watch Britney Spears perform on GMA. (She’s coming up right after 8am, and I KNOW some of you out there love Brit as much I do! Don’t even try to pretend otherwise.) Blogging might be sporadic this week as I may be too busy stuffing my face with shrimp burgers. You have been warned.

Have a good day, everyone!