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Drumroll, please….

….okay, maybe not. But it IS time to announce the winners of my ALONG FOR THE RIDE paperback and T-shirt giveaway! Here they are:

Amy H. from Wakarusa, IN
Jenny C. from Urbana, IL
Sara S. from Jackson, TN
Denise B. from Ontario, Canada
Whitney H. from Port Orchard, WA
Alyssa C. from Worcester, MA
Sarah C. from Knoxville, TN

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. And if you didn’t win, don’t worry. We will be doing another giveaway for T-shirts and books next month when WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE is released. I am a tshirt giving away MACHINE! Well, sort of. You get the idea.

In other news, our lives just aren’t chaotic enough around here, so we have new additions to our household:

Yes, people. My husband has gotten chickens. I mean, WE have gotten chickens, but even he admits that he is the one driving this train. They are Buff Orpingtons and Araucanas, and as I write this they are out in their little coop, under their heat lamp, doing…whatever it is chickens do. I have to admit, they are cute, and my daughter is over the moon. But I know my husband. Now that he has chickens, he’s going to want goats. And then a peacock. The next thing I know, we’ll have an alpaca roaming around. I mean, I can’t even deal with my dogs on a daily basis!

Okay, I might be getting ahead of myself. See, this is what I do. I take whatever is going on, times it by twenty or so, and then fully take on the stress of whatever theoretical scenarios I come up with. It’s just not healthy. Everyone keeps telling me to be present, do yoga, go on top of a mountain to breathe and commune with nature. (Okay, that last one I made up. Although it doesn’t sound so bad, actually.) But it’s hard to do all of those things while juggling the mom thing, the writer thing, the daughter thing, etc. So I’m working on finding little pieces of peace, here and there, and taking a moment to just savor them. It’s a work in progress, like everything else, but at least I’m making an effort. Maybe the chickens will help? I can only hope.

Finally, to celebrate the paperback release, we went out last night to our favorite Chapel Hill restaurant, Lantern. My friend Andrea, who is the owner and chef there, ALSO had a book out yesterday: her first cookbook, Cooking in the Moment. I got to look through a copy and it is just gorgeous, full of seasonal recipes you can use throughout the year. It made my mouth water, and I was already eating. THAT is saying something.

Also released yesterday (it was a big day!): the final season of Friday Night Lights on DVD. Now, it will be running on NBC starting pretty soon (I think?) but if you’re impatient like me and can’t wait, you can get your hands on it now. All I can say is, have some tissues handy. The last episode had me TOTALLY verklempt. Sniff! So, so good.

Okay, this entry turned out to be MUCH longer than I planned. Now GMA is starting, my daughter needs breakfast and the day is already going, so I better as well….

Have a good day, everyone!