The Five!

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1. I hate it when my husband is right. And what’s worse is: he’s right a lot. Does this mean I am WRONG a lot? Well, not necessarily. But I am often on the receiving end of more I Told You Sos. The latest example is the chickens. He was the driving force, I was resistant. He was full speed ahead with feed and coops, I dragged my feet. And now they are here, and….oh, man. They are just really cute and fun to watch. Like SO fun. I could sit out there all day and watch them peck around, not even kidding. I know, they are CHICKENS. Yet there is something so intriguing about them. Does this mean I will agree to a goat, which is his next goal? NO. No, no, no. At least, I hope not.

2. On the WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE front, we’ve added a couple more tour stops (in Asheville, NC and here in Chapel Hill, at Flyleaf Books) and confirmed that the B&N where I’ll be speaking in May in NY will be on Long Island. Specific details are on my appearances page here. The event at Flyleaf, here at home, on June 20th will also feature Dessen Racing: the cars will be there! And hopefully we’ll have some t-shirts to give away as well. Stay tuned.

3. More signs that spring and summer are on their way turn up here every day. This morning, I got a whiff of fertilizer as I walked out to my car, which means the farmers nearby are getting their fields ready. I bought my first bottle of fresh bubbles for my daughter (all our others were dried up, the wands busted) AND have already purchased one totally worthless toy from Rite Aid that I regret. This one was a bubble gun that promised, on the package, HOURS OF FUN! and worked NOT AT ALL. Hello, warm seasons. I missed you.

4. I’m getting my hair cut this weekend and have, as of about yesterday, officially reached that point where I can’t do ANYTHING but wrench it into a sloppy ponytail and make apologies. Seriously, it’s that bad. Of course, now I am also tempted to cut it super short, layer it, color it, do SOMETHING different just to shake off this winter, but I know that would be a big mistake. This is just a long way of saying if you see me in the next few days, I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do but wait for Lars to fix it, and me. And maybe I will go a LITTLE shorter? Maybe? No? Oh, okay.

5. More and more, I am reminded that I am getting older. If it’s not one of my babysitters bemoaning the fact that she’ll soon be turning 20 (“I’m so OLD!”) it’s seeing a guy bent over their car today at the mall, checking the engine, with their pants bagging WAY DOWN to reveal more than anyone wants to see and having to fight the urge to yell, “Get a belt, for God’s sake!” Soon I’ll be shouting at kids to get off my lawn. I want to be young and hip. I mean, don’t I? Okay, maybe I don’t want to be YOUNG exactly. My twenties were tough, my thirties better, and forty has actually been really good. That said, I wouldn’t mind my twenty-five year old body, especially since I am looking at the cover of the new book constantly, which features a person who has most likely not had a child. Oh, well. Age is nothing but a number: attitude is everything. That said, I REALLY wish people would pull their pants up. If that makes me old, so be it. And so there.

Have a good weekend, everyone!