Greetings from Sunday afternoon, where the biggest breaking news is…that I just saw a Monarch butterfly buzzing around my snapdragons. I haven’t wanted to believe it, but really—REALLY—Spring IS here. Although maybe not everywhere. A friend of mine in New York called the other day, sounding wholly discouraged, asking, “Do you have ANY crocuses down there? Any sign at all of Spring?” I was, like, YES! I mean, check out what I get to drive by every day:

Interesting note: these are actually collard greens that have bolted and bloomed. This field was FULL of greens in the late fall and late winter. Whoever planted them left a big sign that said PICK FREE GREENS and every time I drove past, someone was doing just that. Out in the field, bent over with a plastic bag, picking away. This is just one thing I love about where I love. Who planted them? Why? No idea. But it’s just plain awesome. As is seeing them like this, now.

Anyway. It’s Sunday, I have (yet) another load of laundry drying, and my husband is loading up the fire pit for a hot dog party we’re having with friends. It’s a nice, calm end to what has been a busy weekend. First, on Friday, I received the Distinguished Young Alumni award from the General Alumni Association of my alma mater, UNC. There was a reception, and speeches, and I got a plaque and everything. So awesome! Even MORE awesome, however, was that I got to meet Sam Perkins, former UNC basketball player, who was like a GOD to me when I was a kid. Still kind of is, actually, which explains why, when he casually said hello to me, I almost passed out. Luckily I was able to compose myself enough later for a picture. Although I still look like a crazy person:

Now I’ve met Phil Ford, Dean Smith and Sam Perkins in person. Still left: well, James Worthy, Michael Jordan, and about a million others. But I’m getting there.

Then, the next day, it was off to a bridal shower for my husband’s cousin and his fiance. It was at their church and featured my favorite kinds of Southern party food: pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwiches with the crusts cut off, cheese straws, and layer cake that melted in your mouth. Whoa. Oh, and also there was, you know, the whole gift thing, which I LOVE to watch, especially when it’s young couples just starting out. I swear they received the entire contents of Bed, Bath and Beyond, and the organizer in me is SO jealous they will get to put everything away, brand new, in their new apartment after the wedding. New towels! Spatulas! Chip and dip sets! Fresh beginnings are almost as good as free greens.

Okay, dogs are barking, someone must be here. Have a good evening, everyone!