For all you fans in Denmark out there—if there ARE any—you’ll be happy to know that Keeping the Moon has been published in Danish, under the title Cafe The Last Chance. (A name change that was never mentioned to me, but hey, I’m all about going with the flow these days. Catchy, isn’t it?)

On the back is my author picture from Keeping the Moon (not good!) and a short blurb bio which of course I cannot read because it is in another language. However, it seems to imply that I was born in 1973, which means that in Denmark, I’m still in my twenties. Very nice for a Wednesday, I thought. Very nice indeed.

Seeing your books translated to other languages is always kind of thrilling/weird. So far only That Summer has gone truly global, with Danish, UK, German and Japanese editions. The Japanese was especially strange, especially since there seemed to be quite a bit written under my author picture. Like, more than just the basic bio. Which led my husband to say something like, “Hmmmm. Wonder what THAT says?” in a kind of ominous way.

I am sure it is very nice, whatever it says. And maybe I’m twenty-eight there, too. One can dream.