Welcome to the new blog!

Okay, so it’s finally happening: we’ve shifted the blog over here, to my website, after almost TEN years as writergrl on Livejournal. It’s kind of bittersweet: I mean, this was my first entry over there, back on August 16, 2001:

When I sold my first book I was working at a restaurant called the Flying Burrito. When the novel was published I felt like I’d been split into versions of myself: burritogrl and writergrl. Burritogrl slung salsa and came home from bad Friday night shifts with beans in her hair. Writergrl did hometown newspaper interviews and appearances at bookstores. It was really weird.

About a year after that first book came out I got an academic job and left behind my waitressing career. I am still nostalgic for it, sometimes. So Burritogrl is gone, for most intents and purposes. But Writergrl remains, the persona I have to take on when I’m doing promotional stuff. Writergrl is much more cheerful and easygoing than I am in real life. She has better clothes, too. But no beans in the hair. That I don’t miss at all.

And that was how it all started. Some things have changed—I think I had three books out then, and almost ten now—but some things, like feeling like I’m living two lives, really haven’t. Now, though, there’s me as Mom (Momgirl? Momlady? Doesn’t have the same ring to it) living here in NC, spending most of my time at the park or Whole Foods. And on the other side, I’m still Writergrl, putting on my book tour shoes and some concealer and going out to talk about my novels. (Which, um, I’ll be doing a LOT of in the next few weeks. Yikes!)

You all know how I don’t like change. I am so stuck in my ways it’s ridiculous. And I know there will be a few bumps along the way as we all adjust to this new space. I’ll keep posting links on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on the old blog, so you guys can find me here. I hope you’ll leave comments, just like on the old blog, and we’ll figure out how to do that together. (Literally: I am going to go comment on this post as soon as I put it up.) And hopefully by next week we’ll have it so you can post comments via FB and Twitter as well. I have a GREAT web guy, Mark, who is here to hold all of our hands (so to speak) during the transition. And the GOOD news is: no more Russian spam! Or spam, period. Plus, it’s, like SO MUCH easier for to post pictures now. Look!

For those of you who HAVEN’T been reading–or have been able to somehow miss my shameless promotion—that’s my new book, WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE, coming out on May 10th. Which is…soon. Again: yikes!

Finally, I want to thank you all for reading this silly, entirely too pop-culture and toddler focused blog. Maybe I’m a dinosaur, and nobody blogs anymore, but I just can’t quit this thing. It may change, be more or less frequent, have a different address or look. But hopefully, we’ll be here in our new home for long time. Thanks for moving with us.

Have a good day, everyone!