I am so grateful to ALL of you for giving this new blog, and my new site, such a great reception. You guys rock.

You wanted an RSS feed? It’s—in the words of my web guy Mark, who loves to say this while hitting a button with great gusto—“DONE!” Look for the link for it at the bottom of the main page, below the latest from the blog, or just to the right of this entry. See it? —————>

I was so inspired by all this new-ness and excitement that I decided to tackle another thing I’ve been needing to do: organizing and doing an inventory of all my author copies. I had them in the garage, in various huge Rubbermaid containers, but they were all jumbled and crazy and I had NO idea what I had or didn’t have. So, full of gusto–or, actually, chocolate—I went down there this afternoon, turned on the Miami Housewives on Bravo (I’m so behind) and got to work. First step: I emptied out EVERY box and carton and organized them by title:













I know. Daunting doesn’t even begin to cover it. But after two hours, I had a spreadsheet with the counts for each novel (nerd alert!) and the books grouped by title, all arranged in labeled bins:

Say it with me: AHHHHHH.

So now I am thankful AND productive. And, since I know how many copies I have and don’t need, look for some giveaways coming to this space SOON. Clearly, I don’t need this many, and I know some of you out there can give them good homes.

BREAKING NEWS: Just heard from my publisher that ALONG FOR THE RIDE in paperback is still on the NYT list, second week in a row. Hooray! I would LOVE to bust out some champagne and strawberries to celebrate all this stuff, but dinner won’t cook itself. So….

Have a good night, everyone!